Ford Transit Connect

Sure, one may think that trucks and vans are the perfect vehicles for those who cater to their own business or company, with the obvious advantages when it comes to cargo capacity and towing ability. But realistically speaking, these cars will bleed you dry in terms of gas consumption. Instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor, you will have to spend the majority of your money in feeding your thirsty vehicle. And so you get caught up in a never-ending cycle of earning money and spending it on your car.

Worry no more, for Ford has provided an answer to your prayers. The Ford Transit Connect is the most ideal car for you to use; with its easy maneuverability thanks to its modest size, and great fuel economy thanks to its four-cylinder engine, the Transit Connect is the perfect car of choice for those who prefer to own a vehicle that is both trustworthy and convenient.

Size is not an issue for the Ford Transit Connect, as it manages to express its practicality and usefulness in all aspects—from its tall and boxy shape which is suitable for displaying your company’s name or logo, to the versatile cargo solutions and accesses it provides. The interior is also practical in every sense of the word, having an enormous interior room which is accessible from the sliding side doors or the rear tailgate. Space is very well-utilized as well, with removable racks, rails, and cargo bins. The Transit Connect is a roomy carrier for all sorts of goods, having 135 cubic feet of space behind the front seats. This space is made more usable and handy by a low step-in height, a flat load floor that measures 6 feet long and 4 feet wide, and a ceiling height of less than 5 feet.

Safety is never far from the mind of the Ford cars’ manufacturers, no matter what the type of vehicle is or where it will be used. Thus the Transit Connect is equipped with four-wheel antilock brakes, traction and stability control and front side airbags.

The Transit Connect basically has four models for you to choose from, depending on your usage and needs. The trims available are the XL Van, XLT Van, XLT Wagon, and XLT Premium Wagon. The primary difference between Van and Wagon trims is the presence of a second-row seat. The XL Van comes with standard features such as includes 15-inch steel wheels, an integrated blind-spot mirror, rear privacy glass, air-conditioning, cloth upholstery, and a two-speaker radio. In addition to these, the XLT Van model adds gains body-colored bumpers, a rear window defroster, heated mirrors, map lights, full power accessories, and cruise control. The Wagon version of the XLT comes with fog lights, chrome grille trim, a three-person split-folding rear bench seat, and a four-speaker audio system. The XLT Premium gets special exterior trim, rear cargo door pocket storage and flip-open glass windows in the cargo area.

The Transit Connect comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine good for 136 horsepower. EPA-estimated fuel economy is 21 mpg/city, 27 mpg/highway and 23 mpg/combined.

There is no question at all that the 2013 Transit Connect is the perfect car for those who put reliability and practicality above all other criteria in choosing a car. Make your business thrive even more by owning this unfailing and sensible car as soon as possible.