Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has always been one of the best sellers in the SUV class both in the US and around the world, the reason for this is because this ride is a competent tow vehicle and off-roader, it also recommends its generous interior space, comfort features and safety technologies necessary for day-to-day tasks. Now comes the 2013 Ford Explorer, designed with passion and built with power.

The 2013 Ford Explorer is a seven-passenger sport-utility vehicles and one of the most top rated SUV’s. It brings the purpose and family friendly features of a minivan with a more rough exciting appeal; it has off-road and towing capacity for owners who need its service, and SUV mileage that you cannot imagine in this type of vehicle.

Outside, everyone can notice Ford Explorer’s huge and refined body, this ride is a macho in the SUV class. It has handsome appeal once you look at it and inside it’s built with so much power that you could ever imagine.  All of this is evident with the Explorer’s positive posture. It has muscular size in a smoothly designed body, with fluid lines that are more aerodynamic than before. Details such as the liftgate spoiler and flexible lower front air dam were tweaked in the wind tunnel. The Explorer also has striking headlights that match the elegant fenders and alter the inherently square nose of the previous model.

The 2013 Ford Explorer comes with standard 17-inch steel on the base Explorer, 10-spoke 18-inch painted aluminum on the XLT which is great looking, and 20-inch painted aluminum with spokes like flower petals on the Limited. Ford’s Explorer has been intended to have a luxurious interior that has an outstanding second-row legroom, at nearly 40 inches, and good third-row space at 33.2 inches. This SUV also has MyFordTouch with two driver-configurable LCD cluster screens in front of the driver on either side a big speedometer. And an 8-inch color touch screen at the top of the center stack. The screens come in four quadrants and colors: yellow for phone, red for audio, blue for climate and red for navigation. Other features and function include climate or audio settings, which can be adjusted by, voice command, by thumb, or by simply touching the display screen itself or by using the buttons in the switch stack below.

The 2013 Ford Explorer has cargo volume measures 21 cubic feet behind the third row, 43.8 cubic feet behind the second row, and 80.7 behind the front seats. The cargo space is significantly less than what’s available in GM’s longer trio of crossovers, but performs best with the rest of Explorer’s competition.

A 2.0 EcoBoost powers the 2013 Ford Explorer, which is one of the most stylish engines in Ford’s lineup. With features like an advanced turbo-charging system, fully variable valve timing and extra-efficient direct gasoline injection, it sets important fetures for its size. With a peak of 240 horsepower, the 2.0 EcoBoost makes 50 fewer horsepower than Explorer’s standard 3.5-liter V6, or 17 percent less. Yet the four-cylinder is nearly 50 percent smaller than the V6 by displacement. It has more torque than the V6, and better EPA mileage ratings.