Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition, since the day it was released until now has always been the best SUV that transport people, tows gear, boats, and pulls almost everything its owner needs. With its four-wheel drive model, the Expedition can take any road or even the toughest off-road situation. No matter how sandy, muddy, icy, or even places you won’t believe an SUV can go, the Ford Expedition can.

The 2013 Ford Expedition is a full-size sport-utility vehicle that everyone will always love. It is able to accommodate up to eight people, pulls a mountain of equipment and almost anything, and even tow trailers in the unbelivable 9,000-pound range. 2013 Ford Expedition models are obtainable with either rear-wheel drive (2WD) or electronically engaged ControlTrac four-wheel drive (4WD) that can be driven on dry pavement and comprises low-range gearing. Four trim levels are on hand: The XL, the upscale XLT, the luxurious Limited, and the top-of-the-line King Ranch. Every Ford Expedition models take in AdvanceTrac electronic stability control system with Roll Stability Control (RSC), as well as regular Trailer Sway Control that perceives trailer sway motion and takes corrective measures to carry both the vehicle and the trailer under control.

On its new generation release, Expedition features a three-bar grille, large headlights, and a domed hood that unite to deliver a look that’s both unique and decent. There are several different wheel designs, including 20-inchers with a chrome finish. The Expedition drives on a wheelbase of 119.0 inches, while the EL models stretch that to 131.0 inches. Overall, the EL measures 14.8 inches longer than the standard Expedition, and that adds slightly over 22 cubic feet of cargo volume, from 108.3 cubic feet for the Expedition to 130.8 for the EL.

The 2013 Ford Expedition features a rich merge of finishes, textures and color. Wood, chrome and leather make the Expedition an alluring place to spend a day on the road. The King Ranch is a great version of modern American-style luxury SUV. The Ford Expedition’s internal feature includes a DVD-based navigation system with sizable 6.5-inch screen. It has a rear-seat DVD entertainment system has an eight-inch screen that flips down from the headliner and also consist of two sets of wireless headphones. A plug-in jack for an MP3 player is set across the line. The Expedition is even a nice place to be when all the entertainment is switched off, as the arrangement of thick glass and a generous amount of acoustic insulation behind the dash and on the floor makes this a extraordinarily quiet interior; it’s actually achievable to have an exchange with the people in the third-row seat while you’re at the wheel.

The 2013 Ford Expedition is powered by an overhead-cam of 5.4-liter V8 that delivers 310 hp, but it’s actually tuned to bring torque, 365 pound-feet of it, for towing. The 6-speed automatic transmission runs flawlessly throughout the gears, keeping the engine from laboring in the course of its rpm range. The result is a lot dependable and strong power.

The Expedition makes an excellent all-out vehicle. With the elective towing package, the standard 4WD Expedition is rated at 8,900 pounds, the 2WD at 9,200 pounds, the 2WD EL at 8,900 pounds, and the 4WD EL at 8,700 pounds. Even its load-leveling air suspension works very well. Using a weight-distribution hitch, the Expedition is relatively smooth and practically stable while pulling a 24-foot trailer with heavy loads inside. The 2013 Ford Expedition is not just great, it is the King of SUV’s.