2013 Ford Fusion: Handsome and Athletic Midsize Sedan

The 2013 Ford Fusion is Ford’s second offering of midsize sedans. Its look is handsome and athletic with a wider dimension. 2013 Ford Fusion comes in with turbocharged 4 – cylinder engine, while its Hybrid and Fusion Energi plug-in Hybrid are really fuel-efficient. Aside from the 4-cylinder turbocharged engine the new Ford Fusion comes in with a 6-speed automatic transmission offered as a standard feature but in exception to its hybrid models. Buyers of Ford Fusion can also opt for a fuel efficient start/stop system that allows one to manipulate the climate system. If you want to buy an all-wheel drive it is also available with Ford Fusion and is equipped with a 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine.

The Hybrid model of 2013 Ford Fusion is definitely one of the best of its kind. Gasoline engine to electric motor transition has never been so seamless with an average of 62 mph if driven using the electric power. Fusion’s Energi plug-in can travel up to 21 miles on an electric mode with a speed of up to 85mph.

At first glance, you would think that the 2013 Ford Fusion is one that is from Aston Martin. You can easily distinguish it with its remarkable trapezoid grille. Its gas filter system is as well seamless and easy to open. Inside, four adults can comfortably seat with a 16 cubic feet trunk. In its hybrid model, its rear seats may be folded for an added storage room.

The 2013 Ford Fusion comes in the market in four different trims namely, S, SE, Hybrid and Titanium, while another Hybrid Fusion car the The Fusion Energi is as well added to the list. Each of the trims is equipped with different standard features.

Excellence In Fuel Efficiency With The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Hybrid cars are probably the best we’ve achieved for modern day, personal travel. They consume less fuel, are quieter and have less emission thus helping to reduce pollution. Each year, the competition for the best hybrid car helps grows more intense with newer technologies being developed each year. The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is already reputed to be the best affordable midsized car. It could also be the best overall hybrid car this year. The 2013 Fusion Hybrid draws eco-friendly power from a 4-cylinder 2.0 liter engine and electric motor which also has a continuously variable transmission. The engine and electric motor generates 188 horsepower. Fuel rating is 47 mpg, both for city driving and highway driving. Auto reviewers say though that realistically, the Fusion consumes fuel at 40-41 mpg.

The interior is great and spacious and seating is excellent. The dashboard is also excellent with the MyFord infotainment system, combining a navigation system with a 6-speaker CD audio system. MyFord allows connectivity for BlueTooth, your cellphone and also audio jacks for external audio devices.

You can also receive SMS which are read via the speakers, great convenience while driving. There is dual-zone climate control plus you can add other features like heated seats, rain-sensing wipers, 110-V household plug, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring with cross traffic alert, and a host of other options.

The 2013 Fusion Hybrid scored great in safety and crash protection. For its safety features, it has airbags for the front, side and even the head of both driver and passengers in front and in the rear. The wheels equipped with Anti-lock Braking System. It has electronic stability control, traction control, disc brakes and child safety locks.

The price of the 2013 Ford Fusion ranges from $27,000 – $32,000. It’s an excellent choice, being a fuel-saver and also having great interior and exterior features. And it also looks great. If you want the best midsized car, the Fusion Hybrid is definitely it.