A Great Time to Flex with the 2013 Ford Flex

Although showing off in any form is considered to be an ill-mannered sentiment such as when people drive around in very attractive and imposing vehicles amidst a crowd of those with less impressive contraptions, sometimes showing off simply cannot be avoided when a practical vehicle also happens to look gorgeous. This fact is amply obvious in the numerous models that are as vigorously functional as they are good looking, but it is no more apparent than in the 2013 Ford Flex, where standing out is a built-in feature.

With the size of the Flex, getting noticed is an eventuality that simply cannot be avoided and the simple fact that it exists automatically denotes standing out. But size is not the only noticeable aspect of the Flex as its sculpted frame certainly does nothing to allow for blending to the background.

Indeed, with the unique way that its shape has been formed to assume a quality of appearance that is both distinct and desirable, the design of the Flex is as far from being anonymous as far can get.

For a vehicle the size of the Flex, an interior space that can fit up to seven passengers comfortably is hardly a surprising thing. Still, it is always gratifying to know that a crowd will not be a problem and that neither will cumbersome objects that need transporting. For people, the comfortable seating features are also quite satisfactory.

Noting that the size of the Flex is mentioned throughout this piece, it is also not a stretch to claim that it has enormous power. Indeed, the power of the engine becomes more prominent by every shift of the gear, so explore as you wish.

Riding Flexibility on the 2013 Ford Flex

How you present yourself can make the difference between opportunity and the loss of it, which is why it is important for people to always make an effort to give the best impression possible, wherever they go and whoever they meet in their whole lives. Much of this impression can be achieved through physical evidence such as the kind of vehicle you drive, and so it really would matter to pick something that presents quite a bang. The 2013 Ford Flex does this in all the right ways, each and every time, which then only leaves the question of where you want it done.

Grit is a word that often leaves people with the impression of rugged conviction that does not compromise results with anything. With the Flex having a gritty exterior therefore, we have an outer design that provides true confidence with its size, real satisfaction with its shape and bountiful contentment with its style. Not only does it stand out, it does so in a way that is beyond questionable.

Luxury might be an odd thing to combine with the gritty exterior of the Flex, but it always helps to reinforce power with comfort. Now you get an amount of space that you can be happy about as well as an arrangement in the seats and materials that you cannot be the subject of any complaint on your part.

This is not to say that the Flex is going to be unnecessarily loud, but it does have a certain amount of raw power in it to make people tremble in awe. Not only that, the speed is also surprising for something its size and the control are above any expectations.

2013 Ford Flex: Bold, Beautiful and Incredibly Safe

Since its release in 2008, Ford Flex wasn’t that much of a sale magnet. Its boxy structure made it either a hit or a miss for many people. For some, it is way fashionable and even a better pick for a cross-country tip. As compared to other crossovers available in the market, the 2013 Ford Flex makes more sense and even more stylish and resembles more of the Explorer. When you have to look at the new Ford Flex, you would think of it as closely similar with mini-cooper, a bigger version of it or perhaps a moving refrigerator that is why many car buyers would turn to other options.

The design of the 2013 Ford Flex is furnished with remarkably great design, equipped with strong performance and spacious, comfortable interior. The features of the new Ford Flex closely resembles like that of the Ford Explorer.

The 2013 Ford Flex measures 202 inches long with a 118-inch wheelbase, making it easy for drivers and owners to park and drive around the city. The seats on both the first and second rows are comfortable and cozy with a limousine-type direction.

The new edition of Ford Flex is one of the safest vehicles to drive around. Its comprehensive safety package includes six airbags, anti-lock brakes and stability control with anti-rollover technology. It also has a rearview parking sensors, blind-spot warning system and adaptive cruise control. It also has an inflatable second-row seat belts, adaptive cruise control and a blind-spot monitoring to keep the driver and the passengers safe all the time.

If you are looking for a family car that isn’t only about bold looks but also of great space with excellent features and safety integrations, then 2013 Ford Flex should be one of your considerations. Bold, Beautiful and Safe.

2013 Ford Flex – Ford’s Box SUV

A versatile, futuristic looking, sleek, stylish SUV that can fit 7 people – it’s the 2013 Ford Flex. It’s a box car with speed, efficiency and technology to be enjoyed by everyone. Under the Flex’s hood is either a 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 engine with 6-speed SelectShift Automatic® transmission and runs at 287 hp at 6500 rpm, or a 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 twin-turbocharged, direct-injection engine with 6-speed SelectShift Automatic® with paddle activation and runs at 365 hp at 5500 rpm. Between the two, the 3.5L Ti-VCT engine saves the most fuel, with 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

With its innovative approach, Ford packed the Flex with features that really catches people’s eyes and hearts. Beginning with the exterior, it features a unique, bold image that has a futuristic touch with its titanium accents, a chrome grille, and a choice from 17-19 inch painted aluminum wheels, 20 inch bright painted aluminum wheels, or 20 inch wheels, either polished or machined with premium paint pockets.

A navigation system with Sirius XM traffic and travel link is standard for this Ford model’s interior. The XM offers up to date traffic and weather advisories and navigation when you need it. And in all Ford cars, the SYNC with MyFord or MyFord Touch is available, which features hands-free calling, lets you control your entertainment with a simple voice command, and also call 911 when you can’t.

Get your own 2013 Ford Flex today and choose from these elegant colors to match your personal taste – mineral gray, ginger ale, Kodiak brown, deep impact blue, ruby red, white platinum, tuxedo black, white suede, and ingot silver.

Free to flex with the 2012 Ford Flex

Anything can be called an SUV of character these days, but few have that issue of reliability, especially where performance is concerned. There are simply too many SUVs with too many unnecessary features. So if you want a straightforward vehicle that you can depend on no matter what, the 2012 Ford Flex will be the one you want. Exuding masculinity and temperance, the Ford Flex is a car built for an experience without fuss. In appearance, the message of power and functionality is unmistakable and it is as straightforward as they come.

The inside keeps with the theme of maintaining a surface sense of uncomplicatedness and focuses a lot on giving up to seven passengers a comfortable amount of space even with a full load and ample space for the cargo. So you don’t have to worry about being overburdened as the Flex can definitely handle it.

If you think that the sense of power emanating from the Flex is all show, the impressive utility under the hood would prove you wrong in all kinds of ways. With the power rivaling the V8 with a vastly superior fuel efficiency system, the 3.5L EcoBoost is an engine that will keep you going on and on.

When it comes to keeping the passengers safe and secure inside within the confines of the vehicle, the Flex does not let up. It has built-in technology that warns and helps avoid possible collisions so that you would not have to deal with it. In the event of a collision though, the surface material of the Flex will act as a durable shield and interior safety features like the inflatable belts will keep people from being injured by the force of impact.

Flexing Those Road Muscles with 2012 Ford Flex

The 2012 Ford Flex is a full-size crossover which is ideal for a family ride. In the category of crossovers in the market, the 2012 Ford Flex is one of the more spacious models, and has received high rates from various reviewers. The boxy exterior is not much of a change from the previous builds, but that is no issue for most consumers. It is this same structure which makes the Ford Flex has a spacious interior, making it a good car for long drives.

It provides a smooth and superior ride experience with its 3.5-liter, V-6 engine which produces 262-horsepower. Not as spectacular as some other cars out there, but those looking for a safe and stable performance can rely on the base features of the Ford Flex. It has an estimated fuel economy of 17 mpg city/24 mpg, just right for the comfort and smooth ride it provides.

The new Ford Flex comes with the Titanium package which makes quite luxurious for a family crossover. The basic Flex has power windows, a capless fuel-filler system and Ford’s MyKey system. Upmarket models have a panoramic sunroof and also come with Ford’s SYNC entertainment/phone controller. The Flex has Sony sound and DVD system, a refrigerator on the second row, and a keyless entry pad which opens with the swipe of a finger. Learn more about the 2012 Ford Flex in Los Angeles

Safety features include the basic airbags, which the Flex has 6 of, anti-lock brakes and anti-rollover technology with stability control for a steady drive. Additional features included are rain sensitive wipers a rearview camera, and the blind-spot monitoring system also known as Ford’s “BLIS.”

A simple yet luxurious feel will make the passengers feel right at home with the Flex. It has leather seats and fine door trim panels inside. The exterior comes with an attractive two-toned roof and wheels that are 20-inch machined aluminum ones. The 2012 Ford Flex is a stylish and modern family car which will make every ride enjoyable.