The 2013 Ford Explorer Plays No Dice

There are just some things in this world that are meant to provide satisfaction, but it is ever the flaw in humans that they can never seem to get what it is they need until the moment they realize that what they have is not meant for them. In vehicles, this is mostly exemplified by choices of vehicles that are not only disappointing but are exceptionally far from what the buyer is supposed to have. This is why it is such a great thing that the versatile 2013 Ford Explorer exists, because then people can have a choice that is intended for satisfaction.

The exterior of the Explorer is meant to do what owners need vehicles to do, and that is to shine and inspire as much as it can through how it looks and what it allows people to feel. This is clear enough by the way its frame is sculpted to exude power while its lines show resolve. The more you look at its distinctive features, the more you realize that it is meant for you.

Never wanting to get out of the Explorer might seem like an odd situation no matter how you look at it, but this not technically the case if you consider that the space within and the comfort found can allow people to lose themselves in bliss. If you add in the entertainment and other amenities, prolonged stays are suddenly not so weird.

Driving is a huge part to enjoying the vehicle that you have and the Explorer makes sure that ample satisfaction is to be had. The power it gives you can be wielded enjoyably through the copious amount of control that it also offers.

The 2013 Ford Explorer is the Best Travel Buddy

There are simply vehicles out there which are aptly named due to their particular natures and capabilities which reflect into reality that surpasses all doubt. These vehicles therefore become well known for being exactly what their names imply, and thus people base their purchases on such easily available information. Such is the case with the 2013 Ford Explorer, wherein people choose it simply because it is a worthy companion to any endeavor, be it in the confines of safe cities or the open fields of the tempting wilderness.

Many vehicles in the market can be perceived to be limited in capabilities simply through how their exterior designs look. When a manufacturer tries to make their models into something they are not, the results are quite unpleasant, and this is something that the makers of the Explorer did not do. One look at the masculine shape, powerful contours, and radically shrewd use of size will show that the Explorer is meant to tackle any challenge you pit it against.

While inside the vehicle, you would want to make sure that you and any passenger you take along will be adequately protected and comfortable. With its enormous space that can seat up to seven passengers without trouble, seat covers of high quality materials to keep you warm and snug, and entertainment system to play your favorite music, you get plenty of both with the Explorer.

By giving drivers plenty of raw power, the Explorer can get you anywhere. By giving you plenty of speed, time is not a factor. By saving plenty on gas, money is not an object. With the explorer these and more will be at your disposal.

2013 Ford Explorer: Fuel Efficient with High-Class Cabin

The 2013 Ford Explorer by far, is the most efficient and upscale Explorer to this day. It is also equipped with the most advanced technologies there is for a large crossover SUV. The Sport, as with others may call the new Ford Explorer edition comes in with a firmer suspension tuning, revised steering for a better road fell and special interior and exterior trim details. Ford’s 2013 edition of Ford Explorer went the transition from a truck – based chassis to a unibody design for a more spacious structure. The design has also reduced some weight giving the SUV with more efficacy and handling for its fuel source. The Explorer also comes with a standard 290 – horsepower V6. It also has 17-inch steel wheels, a privacy glass, an integrated blind spot mirrors and roof rails.

The new design of 2013 Ford Explorer inside has a stylish, well-furnished space that can accommodate up to seven passengers. It is furnished with upscale features and a high-quality interior with innovative features such as touchscreen – based MyFord Touch and an advanced voice-activated Sync system. The dashboard feels soft to touch and its switchgear works with accuracy.

The new Ford Explorer is built with a standard stability and traction control with trailer sway control. It also has front side airbags and side curtain airbags. It also has a front passenger knee airbag and MyKey that gives parents the capacity to specify limits for the speed of the vehicle as well as stereo volume. Its stability control includes Ford’s Curve Control that monitors speed when in a corner and will automatically decelerate if needed.

Explore Like Never Before With the 2012 Ford Explorer

When it comes to the vehicle themselves, anything can be called an SUV of functionality. However, few can perform exactly as their buyers would want and exceed expectations. The ever dependable 2012 Ford Explorer is one such SUV that gives you exactly what you are looking for in a manner that would surprise you. On the matter of appearance, the exterior of the 2012 Explorer is sleek and elegant, while also having a boldly wild feel exuding from it. One look of the Explorer will be enough to tell you that it is a vehicle that will take you most anywhere you need to go.

On the matter of the interior features, perhaps most notable would be the impressive amount of space. It can have up to seven people along its three rows of available spots and still have plenty of room for a considerable amount of cargo.

The fantastic appearance of the Explorer is not simply for dropping jaws either—although that certainly should be an attractive prospect for a lot of people—it also has safety functions. The materials used to make up the structure of the Explorer are durable and are meant to act as extra protection in case of collision.

Aside from that though, the Explorer also features collision technology that warns you of an impending collision and assists with avoiding it. If a collision does happen, the featured inflatable safety-belts help reduce injury by lessening the force of impact than traditional safety-belts.

The explorer is an SUV that was built to perform. Its V6 engine has enough juice to get you anywhere you need to go while reducing fuel consumption. So feel free to travel without gas worries.

2013 Ford Explorer – Explore with Excellence

If you want an SUV that enables you to trail anywhere, even the skies, switch to the 2013 Ford Explorer today. It’s the SUV with muscle, efficiency, and luxury Ford offers in their every vehicle.

To start, let’s look first at its engine. Under the hood is either a 3.5L Twin independent Variable Camshaft Timing (TiVCT) V6 engine with 290 hp at 6500 rpm, a 2.0L Turbocharged, Direct Injection Ti-VCT Ecoboost® I4 engine with 240 hp at 5500 rpm, or a 3.5L Turbocharged, Direct Injection Ti-VCT Ecoboost® V6 engine (stats to be distributed). Between the 3.5 L V6 and the 2.0L I4 models, the 2.0L I4 engine saves the most, with 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

The Explorer is at its smartest phase so far. And to prove that, features that made it smarter are the – automatic high beams that automatically changes from low beam to high beam when required, the trailer sway control that pulls up to 5000 lbs of mass and is able to control where the driver wants it to be.

Meanwhile, the BLIS or Blind Spot Information System that informs the driver not to take the next lane because there are cars on the blind spot, and the Sync with MyFord Touch that features hands-free calling, turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and Wi-Fi capability.

Drive your own 2013 Ford Explorer today and paint it with these elegant colors – white platinum, ruby red, ingot silver, deep impact blue, green gem, ginger ale, sterling gray, Kodiak brown, tuxedo black, and oxford white.

Get the Real Deal, Go for the 2012 Ford Explorer

Fuel efficiency, reliability, safety, quality, and technological features are some important things a buyer looks for a car. However, most cars have their own promises of these thus giving you a very hard time choosing what to buy. Get to know the all-new 2012 Ford Explorer which is the Ford’s latest SUV and realize if this convinced you. Most amazing offer of Ford is its EcoBoost, a turbocharged 2.0 four-cylinder engine that can power V6 engine with a fuel economy. Its standard 3.5 L V6 engine generates 290 horsepower and 346 Nm of torque. Another interesting feature of Ford Explorer is its intelligent 4WD system called Terrain Management System in which you can adjust the car’s ability from snow, sand, and mud. It also bears an exclusive MyFord touch Control System. This controls everything in the car like sound system, climate control, and interior mood lights.

Comfort is not an issue with Ford. Your long hours of family travel will not cause you head, neck, or even chest pains because it has inflatable rear belts that can lessen the pressure on the chest while helping you to control head and neck motions.

Safety is always with you with Ford Explorer’s stability control, antilock brakes, air bags and tractions. It also has curve control feature that stabilizes the vehicle at turning speeds.

The 2012 seven-seater Ford Explorer has three models, the Base, XLT, and Limited. Base includes features such as MyKey programmable features, basic MyFord Technology, LED taillights, and power blind spot mirrors. XLT has puddle lamps, fog lamps, perimeter alarm system, and reverse sensing system. The limited version comes with dual panel sunroof, navigation system, rear view camera and SecuriCode keyless entry keypad.

If you want to know more of each Explorers features and for a personal look of its colors and elegance, don’t hesitate to visit Cerritos Ford in Los Angeles County. Go for the 2012 Ford Explorer.