2013 Ford E Series Wagon: Excellent Towing and Passenger Capabilities

The US has seen its share of reliable vans and towing cars for the past decades. With the introduction of the 2013 Ford E Series Wagon, the tradition continues but with several twists. This is a van that flaunts both powers to haul and to accommodate passengers for those long trips. Ford certainly has given this series a lot of thought as there are several models that are now available for the public to choose. These would include the E-150 XL, E-150 XLT, E-350 XL, E-150 XLT Premium, E-350 XL Extended, E-350 XLT, and the best seller E-350 XLT Extended.

 Buyers have the several options when it comes to this type of van series. Its versatility is what attracts in a lot of homeowners who have big families and a manual labor job. The engine could come in varieties of Triton 8 4.6L, 5.4L, and the 6.4L. Only the 6.4L option comes with this Torque Shift (“TorqShift”) technology which is logical since it is present on models that are intended for heavy-duty jobs. The fuel flexibility capability is there too.

In terms of passenger capacity, we can see no less from this series. The regular and heavy duty models can all accommodate 15 passengers. There are passenger seating options that could be availed. These could come in luxury packages that feature limited reclining captain’s seats, cup holders, storage bins, and even clipboards. These packages are intended to keep passengers truly comfortable on long trips.

When it comes to towing power and capability, the 2013 Ford E Series Wagon is quite exceptional too. It comes in two trailer towing packages that have 5,000 lb and 10,000 lb capacities. It is interesting to take note that the braking system of the trailer could be controlled by the van.  Synched braking is a feature that would prove to be vital when there are extremely heavy loads and the van is full of passengers too.

 Generally, the 2013 Ford E Series Wagon is recommended for those who travel a lot and takes a lot of stuff. This van will be reliable on both city and country roads as proven by test drives done by Ford. At a starting price of $29,455 that comes with standard packages, you are really in for a big treat!

2013 Ford E Series Wagon For Passenger and Cargo Hauling

Taking the lead on full-size van category for more than 30 years, the Ford E-Series Wagon takes pride in continuously offering their clients with space, durability and dependability that they usually require for a full-size van. Marking its final year of production, the 2013 Ford E-Series Wagon presents a 15 – passenger van that provides not only ample passenger space but also a cargo space enough for luggage or gears with a towing capacity of 10,000 lb-ft. The Ford E-Series Wagon is offered in three basic configurations: the eight – passenger E-150, the 12 – passenger E-350 Super Duty and the 15 – passenger E-350 Super Duty Extended with each available in base XL and XLT trim.

The propelling system of the 2013 Ford E-Series is available in three choices. For the E-150 series, the wagon is equipped with 4.6 – liter V8 yielding a 225 horsepower and 286 lb-ft of torque. All E – 350 models have a 5.4 – liter V8 generating a 255 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. The engines are connected with a four-speed automatic transmission. E-350 buyers may opt to take a 6.8-liter V10 that gives out a 305 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque and a five-speed automatic transmission.

For this latest model, Ford has added the latest of technology that include Ford Work Solutions, Sync voice and navigation with HD Radio. The van’s dash is vast but easy to operate with its switch gear within the driver’s reach. Outside, Ford didn’t do much redesigning of the wagon series which up to now still project its boxy shape. Its side glasses are pretty wide with large mirrors that help drivers to see objects alongside.

All of models of the 2013 Ford E-Series Wagon are equipped with four-wheel antilock disc brakes as well as stability control. Although side airbags and parking sensors are not offered, a rearview camera is given out as an option.

Enjoy the Ride on Your 2013 Ford E-Series Wagon

An inescapable expectation when it comes to full size vans is that they must be huge and bulky and must contain quite a lot of space so as to justify the large body which is common in the lineup that people see so often. But more often than not, many of the models being promoted fall short of what customers actually need from them, especially in the department of space where the necessity is the most obvious. It is just fact that only a few full size vans can actually provide the kind of features that customers need and the 2013 Ford E-Series Wagon is among the top players.

Among the reasons for why the E-Series Wagon has been so popular for over thirty years is because of its undeniably dependable exterior which just screams reliability. In size, satisfaction is guaranteed. In style, there is just no question that you are driving a van on a class of its own. In aura, none exude more of a color that leans to trustworthiness in the world.

When people are on the market to buy full size vans, what they are looking for the most is a model that literally has a lot of space inside. This therefore explains the popularity of the E-Series Wagon since space is never limited and comfort is always guaranteed for passengers and their cargo.

No matter how large a person might be, without power the size is for naught. This is why the E-Series Wagon, apart from being versatile and accommodating in space, is also brimming with power and confident in control.

2012 Ford E-Series Wagon – The Trusted Mover for Over 50 years

Available in Los Angeles at Cerritos Ford Lincoln

If moving things are your business, then avail a 2012 Ford E-Series Wagon today. It has the muscle, the efficiency and the spacious cargo Ford served for more than 50 years. There are three engines available for the E-Series wagon, they are – the 4.6L Triton 16-valve Flex Fuel V8 engine with 225 hp, the 5.4L Triton 16-valve Flex Fuel V8 engine with 255 hp, and the 6.8L Triton 20-valve V10 engine with 305 hp.

For the interior, 15 people (on the extended wagon) can fit in with enough shoulder room and foot room as well. And because it’s a wagon, it can tow up to 10000lbs of mass with ease. And to make it easier for you to hook on your trailer, a rear view camera is available.

Connectivity is a must while driving; and it is possible with the SYNC for Ford. It’s an easy-to-use car connectivity system that links your Bluetooth-enabled phone and enables you to make hands-free calls, control your music from your USB, MP3 player or iPod with simple voice commands, gives you traffic alerts, directions and information, and with its  911 assist feature, you can connect to 911 when you can’t.

Entertainment while on the ride is necessary; especially if it’s a long trip. With the 6.5 inch in-dash display, people inside can be entertained; partnered a CD/DVD/MP3 player with DVD playback capability, people inside can view their favorite movies while on the drive.

The 2012 Ford E-Series Wagon is available of these colors – vermillion red, ingot silver, pueblo gold, dark blue pearl, oxford white, black, school bus yellow, and steel blue.