Tips for Charging your Electric Car Battery

Ford has implemented the technologies needed to provide drivers through Downey, Los Angeles, and Long Beach with great efficient performances. This is clearly shown within the electric and hybrid cars in the showroom of Cerritos Ford. From the 2015 Ford C-Max to the Fusion Energi, drivers are getting a great power paired wonderfully with an economically friendly driving experience. However, many are unaware of the helpful tips for charging your electric car battery. So to help, Cerritos Ford has included a list of tips drivers can follow to ensure a long lasting electric battery under the hood.

Avoid Fully Charging

Yes, it seems strange to avoid charging your battery to the fullest percentage, but doing this can lend a hand in creating a shorter life space for the battery. Like other electronics today, charging your electric car’s battery to its full percentage can lead to a faster drain time. This means, the more it’s charged to the max, the shorter it can last on the road. To help prevent premature battery drainage, it’s recommended that you charge up to about 80 percent each time. This not only increases your battery’s lifespan but will also leave room to store energy from the regenerative braking feature that vehicles like the 2015 Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid have.

Be Careful of the Weather

Some electric cars on the road have thermal management that keeps your battery running comfortably with each particular weather condition. However, this can run continuously based on the temperature outside, and it could lead to a dead battery. So if you’re parking your car on a hot day, be sure to park in the shade or in your garage.

Plan Your Trips

Like gas-powered vehicles, it’s important to fuel up and go and know the closest gas stations when you’re on the road. Drivers of electric vehicles planning a quick getaway or an extended vacation should always consider driving on a route with charge stations. By formulating a travel plan that caters to the location of these stations, you won’t have to worry about not having enough power to get to your destination or to get home. But if where you need to go doesn’t include a great deal of charge areas, you can opt for using a regular outlet for power up your car. Just remember to keep track of the time to avoid overcharging.

Schedule Maintenance at Cerritos Ford

Cerritos Ford has what you need to ensure your electric battery runs great for a long time. So be sure to have our trained technicians take a look at your battery regularly to confirm it’s working properly and efficiently. In addition, if you do need a replacement, we’ll be able to gladly help you find the right battery.

Electric cars are all over the streets of Los Angeles, Downey, and Long Beach, and while drivers are enjoying their fuel efficient performance, they may not be enjoying a shortened electric battery lifespan. If you’re one of the many that faces this problem, don’t worry read the tips for charging your electric car battery above to provide the help your battery needs to live longer.