2013 Ford Focus to Emphasize the Right Things

The things that you do in life are not all the kinds of things that are right for you, and it is in the identification of these things that are not right for you as well as identifying the things that are right for you that you can start your life with promise. But most people are not quite aware of what constitutes as the things that can be described as right or appropriate, though starting somewhere is a must. For those who are leaning towards transport, the 2013 Ford Focus can provide some pretty interesting features that can lead you to the right things.

What the path that leads to the right things demands is nothing short of keeping to the course that you have chosen, and to start going down this course through the exterior of the 2013 Ford Focus is appropriate. This is because it is important to start every day with the right mood, and the Focus can certainly provide such a thing through the subtlety of its elegance and the finesse in which it projects its presence.

The 2013 Ford Focus further ups the ante through the features that can be found within the interior since starting with the space, there is much that need not be said. The distribution is certainly appropriate for what you might be aiming for and the design is logical in what it provide in the assistance of driving.

When you use the I-4 engine of the 2013 Ford Focus line of cars, what you get is a heck of a lot more than the measly level of efficiency or control that others can provide. On top of that, there is also the question of power, which is appropriately provided for by this vehicle as far as being a car goes.

2013 Ford Transit Connect EV: World’s First Completely Electric Cargo Van

Although it’s common to see a fused car, truck and van running around town, the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV stands out from the crown because of its highly innovative features, technologies and capacity. The Ford Transit Connect EV’s biggest advantage is that it may be used for business purposes. It comes in with a big cargo space which may be increased by putting down the Transit’s back seat. The overall cargo space can be as large as 129.6 cubic feet with a maximum cargo capacity of 1600 pounds. Apart from the large space, Transit Connect’s small size makes it easy for it to maneuver in small areas and course its way through heavy traffic. The 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV is being powered by an innovative liquid cooled 28 kWh lithium-ion battery pack giving the cargo van the advantage to run faster and for longer duration. This engine together with its lightweight materials all make up an electric cargo van uniquely created and innovated.

With the Transit Connect EV’s engine, the electric cargo van can run up to 75 mph and has a maximum power of up to 140 horsepower and 215 pound-feet of torque. When the battery is depleted, the cargo van may be charged using its standard 120-volt outlet or 240-volt outlet that usually requires 6-8 hours of charging with a driving range of 50-80 miles.

Inside the Ford Transit Connect EV is a vinyl flooring, cloth-covered bucket seats giving passengers with smooth and comfortable ride. Its entertainment system includes AM/FM/CD/MP3 capacities while an auxiliary audio input adds a little touch to it.

When it comes to safety, the 2013 Transit Connect EV has also lots to brag about. Its safety features include driver and front-passenger front and side airbags, stability and traction control, 4-wheel ABS, rear-sensing alarm system, collapsible steering column and tire pressure monitoring system.

Experience The Greatest Road Capacity with the 2013 Ford F-150

Being capable is a trait that you will want to have when you want to get a vehicle for a partner to do jobs that require a lot of reliability from both you and everything else that you will use, and this means that you will have to look at certain things to be sure. First among these would of course be the power that the vehicle will be able to generate followed by the efficiency with which it will consume fuel. Then there is the ease of controlling it to think about, and all of these traits are what the 2013 Ford F-150 happen to have in great amounts. How capable the vehicle is might not have a lot to do with how it looks, but it certainly helps to boost your confidence in what you are doing if what you are driving looks very suitable for the job. The 2013 Ford F-150 is great for pretty much anything that requires lots of power and control, and this is greatly displayed through the frame and the design of the body.

Inside the 2013 Ford F-150, it is clear to anyone that efficiency as well as practically was more of a concern than simply showing off for the sake of showing off. This does not mean to imply that there is nothing to note in terms of style with its interior, but the majority of the focus was in making it evenly spaced and designed sensibly.

The best feature of the 2013 Ford F-150 rests on the engine option line up of V6 and V8 engines that are known for being beastly machines. But aside from the power that they will undoubtedly provide, the handling because of the steering mechanisms and suspension will be very easily controlled.

2013 Ford Edge Takes You To The Edge And Back

They say that going over the edge is where you can say that you have gone too far, but this makes people too afraid to go near the edge instead which leaves them in a life that is lived with such caution that they no longer feel alive. What is needed is to go the very limits without crossing over to the dangerous side, and in terms of vehicles that you can drive there, only a few can really do it. A suitably named model, the 2013 Ford Edge is one of the few that go that far without letting you fall.  There is a difference between a vehicle that looks edgy and a vehicle that looks like it can take you to the edge and bring you back, and the 2013 Ford Edge is definitely that vehicle. In terms of the message that the body implies, you can really tell how purposeful the designers made it to stretch the limits. The skin is then what smoothen things over so that getting back after going that far looks easier.

As you might expect from the 2013 Ford Edge, there is no debating the suitability of the interior for driving that can really take you to your peak potential. The space is a combination of reserved and liberal, which allows for quite a bit of freedom to breathe and feel settled. On the other hand, there is the design to think about which helps in driving with control.

 One would think that overwhelming power is what gets you to the edge and back, but the 2013 Ford Edge proves that sufficient power is more preferable. This is because the I-4 engine under its hood with EcoBoost feature produces enough of what you need for easier control.

2013 Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid Plugin is Definitely the Better Deal

In a move to oust the Toyota Prius from its claim as top hybrid car, Ford brings you the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid Plugin. This hybrid wagon is slated to compete for best hybrid vehicle this year.  The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid Plugin is a variation of the C Max Hybrid, with some differences. For one, the C-Max Energi has a bigger 7.6 KW lithium ion battery pack. The bigger battery size comes at an expense of reduction in the cargo space.

The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid Plugin has the same powertrain as the C-Max Hybrid, a four cylinder 2.0L with an electric motor plus its bigger lithium-ion battery. While the total power output is 188hp and 129 lbs. of torque, the same with the C-Max, the C-Max Energi is faster. It can go up to 21 miles on its top speed of 85 mph. The C-Max Energi also recharges faster, requiring only 2 ½ hours on a 240V outlet.

The gasoline engine propels the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid Plugin when its battery stored energy is used up. Its fuel rating is at 44 mpg city/41 mpg highway.

Among the standard interior features included are a power driver seat, heated leather upholstery, push-button start, MyFord Touch, and a 6-speaker audio system. You can upgrade this to a 9-speaker premium audio, and also add a powered lift-gate, HD radio and a navigation system among other extras.

For safety, the 2012013 Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid Plugin has front side/ side curtain airbags and a driver knee airbag. It has antilock disc brakes, stability/traction control, rear parking sensors, integrated blind spot mirrors, and Ford MyKey for setting a maximum speed/volume limit.

In competing with the Prius, the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Hybrid Plugin sacrificed lesser cargo space in favor of a better hybrid engine setup. It has better fuel efficiency and has the greater top speed. Steering and handling is also comparatively better than the Prius.

Capably Satisfying Features Of The 2013 Ford Expedition

When the features of a vehicle are found to be immensely rewarding by the person who bought it, there can be no doubt that the money spent on the purchase was well spent and the money made by the dealer was well earned. However, such a notion cannot be applied to all vehicles simply because not all of them can provide the same level of satisfaction in the manner that most customers would want. An exception that you would find agreeable though is the 2013 Ford Expedition where every penny is worth the purchase for the services it provides.

Satisfaction is a promise that is made by dealers on a daily basis, but how many of such promises are actually kept once the driver gets behind the wheel and cruises around for a few days? As far as the promise of the Expedition goes, this would last for quite a while with how well sculpted the body is for any condition. The frame is also made of the best materials and the design is worthy of any eyes.

When comfort is your goal for buying a vehicle, there is no need for you to go for expensive luxury vehicles. The 2013 Ford Expedition can fulfill this need well enough with its space that is certainly ample and its seats that are made of very good materials. So that is your goal well and truly fulfilled.

There is just no way to deny that the power the driver wields through the standard V8 engine of the 2013 Ford Expedition is satisfyingly excessive. There is simply something awesome in having more power than you need and being able to control it through the awesome handling.

Allow 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV to Give You a Different Experience

You can probably imagine how difficult it is for some people to express dissatisfaction when it comes to the kind of presentation that you have when running a business, but it is not that difficult to guess what the effects are going to be if they do happen to feel exactly that. Much of the problems regarding this are with regards to your vehicle and the condition it is in as it rumbles up to the establishment to deliver the goods. If you want to provide the best impression, there really are only few ways that you can go apart from the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV.

The relationship between the purpose as well as the proficiency of the business with the vehicle it is attached to in terms of the exterior is very important because it is one of the first things that people will take note of. That is why the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV was given a body that postulates everything reliable in terms of business and customers can see through the sculpting of the design that it means business.

Much more than how the exterior should relate to the business, the interior must present an even clearer message that it is what customers may rely on. It does not have to be all show either since the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV was given lots of attention in terms of designing the interior to look as well as function to the preference of any business.

You want to make money in business but you do not want to spend too much money to make money. This is something that is possible with the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV because its performance includes efficiency without loss of effectiveness.

Sporty is the New 2013 Ford Escape Persona

For many years now, eleven years to be exact, the phenomenal Ford Escape haven’t undergone any primary changes. But this time around, despite surpassing Honda CR-V sales last year, Ford Escape is offering its avid fans with a whole new crossover.  The 2013 Ford Escape comes in with a much sporty look replacing its block type appearance. The new model of Ford Escape now has creases that are clearly a reflection of its sporty look that is surged into its sheet metal. From the rather tall and upright look of the previous Ford Escape, the new model has a lower roof and front features that are intimidating at first glance.

The exterior features of the new Ford Escape are not only made to appear differently good but they are also designed to effectively reduce air resistance. Ford Escape’s new model uses a four-cylinder instead of the usual four-cylinder and V6 engines.

The new 2013 Ford Escape also did some major changes in its interior features. The simple interior style is now replaced with a more sophisticated one. The passenger area of the new Ford model also underwent little changes with decreasing about 1.2 inches on its front seat and adds it up on its rear seats.

MyFord Touch system remains to be the new model’s innovative feature. This infotainment offering from Ford may be an optional choice for those who will choose the SE model but is already part of the standard offering with SEL model. The MyFord Touch is an 8-inch touchscreen that is pressed on the car’s dashboard featuring four sections users can choose from – Entertainment, Climate, Phone and Navigation.

Amongst all the new features being offered by the new 2013 Ford Escape, the eco-friendly components of their interiors make them the best amongst the roster of Ford Escape models.

2013 Ford E Series Wagon: Excellent Towing and Passenger Capabilities

The US has seen its share of reliable vans and towing cars for the past decades. With the introduction of the 2013 Ford E Series Wagon, the tradition continues but with several twists. This is a van that flaunts both powers to haul and to accommodate passengers for those long trips. Ford certainly has given this series a lot of thought as there are several models that are now available for the public to choose. These would include the E-150 XL, E-150 XLT, E-350 XL, E-150 XLT Premium, E-350 XL Extended, E-350 XLT, and the best seller E-350 XLT Extended.

 Buyers have the several options when it comes to this type of van series. Its versatility is what attracts in a lot of homeowners who have big families and a manual labor job. The engine could come in varieties of Triton 8 4.6L, 5.4L, and the 6.4L. Only the 6.4L option comes with this Torque Shift (“TorqShift”) technology which is logical since it is present on models that are intended for heavy-duty jobs. The fuel flexibility capability is there too.

In terms of passenger capacity, we can see no less from this series. The regular and heavy duty models can all accommodate 15 passengers. There are passenger seating options that could be availed. These could come in luxury packages that feature limited reclining captain’s seats, cup holders, storage bins, and even clipboards. These packages are intended to keep passengers truly comfortable on long trips.

When it comes to towing power and capability, the 2013 Ford E Series Wagon is quite exceptional too. It comes in two trailer towing packages that have 5,000 lb and 10,000 lb capacities. It is interesting to take note that the braking system of the trailer could be controlled by the van.  Synched braking is a feature that would prove to be vital when there are extremely heavy loads and the van is full of passengers too.

 Generally, the 2013 Ford E Series Wagon is recommended for those who travel a lot and takes a lot of stuff. This van will be reliable on both city and country roads as proven by test drives done by Ford. At a starting price of $29,455 that comes with standard packages, you are really in for a big treat!

2013 Ford Super Duty Pickup: Take the Smarter Route

Productivity and efficiency are key metrics of every business. What better way to improve both than by getting a smart vehicle that capably does the job? The 2013 Ford Super Duty Pickup redefines the way field jobs are done – and yes, it is very much possible to take the smarter route. The 2013 Ford Super Duty Pickup is all business. However, Ford designed this vehicle to cater to the needs and requirements of different clients – thus, it comes in fifteen models. It is huge, macho, and undeniably durable. It boasts of an edgy vehicle that leaves no room for a soft side – arrogant curves with strong angles that is all-male and all-competent. The rear is the reality of business owners’ dreams – flat, spacious, and allows better organization of cargo.

Better and stronger, the cabin of the 2013 Ford Super Duty Pickup is the best worker’s vehicle there is. It marries two desirable features: comfort and technology. It is more than capable of accommodating your crew in adjustable seats – complemented by spacious headroom and legroom. In fact, it is so versatile that it can be transformed into a mobile office – complete with multiple storage areas to keep and organize your stuff. All that space is made even better by a fleet of advanced technology that improves productivity while on the road such as: voice activated SYNC MyFord Touch, Live Drive Power Takeoff, Tow Prep, etc.

There are two engines that can power up the 2013 Ford Super Duty Pickup: 6.2.-liter V8 and a 6.7-liter Turbo Diesel V8. Both produce the following horsepower: 385 horsepower and 405 lb.-ft. of torque and 400 horsepower and 800 lb.-ft. of torque respectively. The Turbo Diesel has been receiving a lot of raves since it is the cleanest Diesel there is – having passed several emission regulatory boards in flying colors. The engines can be married to a Full-Manual or Progressive Range Select. The Ford TorqShift 6-Speed SelectShift Automatic is also available for that extra heavy duty jobs.

The 2013 Ford Super Duty Pickup is the smarter route to perform smartly and efficiently. Get that power and versatility enables one to do the job efficiently and smartly.