Best Tire Sizes for Ford Models

At Norm Reeves Ford, we understand that not everything about your vehicle is simple. Here you’ll find the best tire size for every for model in the 2016 Ford lineup. Now drivers from across Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Downey can be confident when they’re picking out a new set of tires.

Some specifications within trim levels won’t be listed unless they require a different tire size. For example, the Ford Expedition King Ranch comes in 2WD, 4WD, EL 2WD, and EL 4WD subsets that all use the same size tire. So the subsets are combined under the King Ranch heading.

However, in the case of the Expedition XL, there’s a difference in tire size for the 2WD Fleet and the 4WD Fleet, so both subsets are listed separately. Only vehicles that were available at the time of posting are included in our list.  

E-350 Tire Sizes

The E-Series combines work and recreation to create the ultimate truck. In this category with have three major trim levels to consider:

  • Stripped Chassis: LT225/75R16
  • Super Duty Cutaway DRW: LT225/75R16
  • Super Duty Cutaway SRW: LT245/75R16

E-450 Tire Sizes

The extension of the E-Series brings new features and new capabilities, including several optional prep packages. Here, we have just two trims to look at:

  • Stripped Chassis: LT225/75R16
  • Super Duty Cutaway: LT225/75R1

Escape Tire Sizes

As a small SUV, the Ford Escape packs a lot of power in a small package. At the Titanium trim level, you have two tire sizes to choose from:

  • Titanium: 235/50R18 or 235/45R19

Expedition Tire Sizes

The Expedition is one of Ford’s most popular models, which is why you’ll find a large number of trims available. Here are the tire sizes you’ll need for each trim level:

  • King Ranch: 285/45R22 or 275/55R20
  • Limited: 285/45R22 or 275/55R20
  • Platinum: 285/45R22 or 275/55R20
  • XL 2WD Fleet: 265/70R17
  • XL 4WD Fleet: 265/70R17 or 275/55R20
  • XL EL: 265/70R17
  • XLT: 275/65R18 or 275/55R20

Explorer Tire Sizes

This full-size SUV has three trims that we’ll be considering, one of which you might not own since it’s reserved for police vehicles.

  • Base: P245/60R18
  • Utility Police Interceptor: 245/55R18
  • XLT: P245/60R18

Fusion Tire Sizes

Drivers of the Ford Fusion enjoy its superior style and exceptional elegance. However, that style and elegance means several different trim options which different tire size requirements.

    • Energi: 225/50R17
    • S FWD: 215/60R16
    • S FWD with Appearance Package: P235/45ZR18
    • S Hybrid: 225/50R17
    • SE AWD: P235/45ZR18
    • SE FWD: 235/45R18 or 235/50R17
    • SE FWD with Appearance/Terracotta Package: P235/45ZR18
    • SE Hybrid: 225/50R17
    • SE Luxury: 225/50R17
    • Titanium AWD/FWD: 235/40R19 or 235/45R18
    • Titanium with Terracotta Package: P235/45ZR18
    • Titanium Hybrid: 225/50R17

Fiesta Tire Sizes

  • With anywhere from 120 to 197 available horsepower, depending which engine is equipped, the Ford Fiesta requires special tires for just about every trim level.
    • S: 185/60R15
    • SE Hatch: 185/60R15
    • SE Hatch/Sedan with Black/Appearance Package: 195/50R16
    • SE Sedan: 185/60R15 or 195/50R16
    • ST: 205/40R17XL
    • Titanium: 195/50R16

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