Labor Day Getaways near Cerritos, CA

Believe it or not, Labor Day is just around the corner, which for many of us means a bonus day off from work and some extra time to spend with friends and loved ones. To make sure that you get the most out of this well-deserved holiday, we’ve compiled some of the best Labor Day getaways near Cerritos, CA. You can bring along that special someone, invite your friends, or go it alone for a calming and relaxing day out of the office. Whatever you decide to do, just remember that you totally deserve it.

Getaway #1:  Catalina Island


One of our favorite parts about living in California, Catalina Island is the only coastal island retreat in the state. Consisting of a large nature conservancy and a walkable town of about 3,000, there’s still plenty to see, do, and eat at Catalina. Enjoy a day of hiking, scuba diving, or just relaxing with an escape from busy city life. Possibly the best part about Catalina is that when you’re ready to come home, you can skip the traffic jams and hop on a ferry off the island.

Getaway #2: Eureka

This quaint and quiet town on California’s northern coast features Victorian-style homes and beautiful scenery that will help you forget the zooming traffic and congestion back home. Perfect for anyone who’s a nature lover or a fan of Victorian architecture, there’s plenty of ways to unwind in and around Eureka. Stay active with fun watersports on the bay or take a stroll through Ferndale, which was used as the set for the fictional town of Lawson in the film The Majestic. Also, make sure you get a chance to travel through the redwood forests nearby.

Getaway #3: Mendocino

For the ultimate level of quiet relaxation, get lost in the breathtaking natural beauty of Mendocino County. You’ll experience dramatic cliffs that run right up to the brilliant waves of the Pacific Ocean. Escape from the monotony of everyday life with a pleasant walk on the beach or unwind at the Elk Cove Inn spa. The Skunk Train gives visitors a unique view of the area as it travels across the mountains from Fort Bragg to Willits. This destination is perfect for anyone that needs a little peace and quiet while diving into a good book accompanied by stunning natural scenery.

Getaway #4: Mono County

A visit to Mono County can prove to be a relaxing getaway that’s easy on your wallet. Just east of the Sierras, Mono offers visitors a plethora of outdoor activities from fishing to hiking to wildlife photography opportunities. If you’re a fan of history or just intrigued by the past, then be sure to visit Bodie, which is one of the most popular ghost towns in California. You can also plan a trip to see Bristlecone Pines, which features a unique forest of the oldest living trees in the world. Then unwind in the open-air hot springs for a relaxing soak like you’ve never experienced before.

You Guide to CicLAvia

Attention Downey, Long Beach, and all of the Los Angeles area: There’s going to be a lot of traffic on the streets of LA this August 9, but it’s not because of motorists. Instead, hundreds of people on bikes, skates, and foot will replace cars and trucks as they partake in CicLAvia, a large-scale community event designed to promote community engagement and healthy living. As your guide to CicLAvia, we’ll cover the history, tradition, and everything else you need to know about this one-of-a-kind event.

History of CicLAvia

More than 30 years ago, the people of Bogota, Colombia, joined together to participate in ciclovias, which were a response to polluted and congested city streets. Inspired by the strong community involvement and undeniable health benefits, other areas throughout Latin American and the United States began to adopt the practice of ciclovias. Today, events such as CicLAvia work to return the streets to the pedestrian and promote healthy transportation options.

How CicLAvia Works

With a concept that’s unique and different from anything else in California, it’s not surprising that some people are a little confused about how the whole thing works. Hopefully, this clears it up for you. First, CicLAvia is free; there’s no entrance charge or participation fee. Just show up and you’re in.

CicLAvia isn’t a race or a marathon. The route exists merely to show you what streets have been shut off from other traffic. You can join in at any part of the route and walk, run, bike, blade, or skate in any direction. You can even hang out in the same area, but then you’d be missing out on the fun in other parts of the route.

It’s also important to keep in mind that since it’s not a race, there’s no start or finish. You can, and people will, travel in either direction along the route.

This Year’s Event

On Sunday, August 9 from 9 am to 4 pm, the CicLAvia route will span 6 miles from Culver City to Venice, marking its first time back to the Westside since 2013. As participants make their way along the route, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful neighborhoods of Culver City as well as its unique businesses and restaurants, not to mention the iconic scenes around Venice Beach.

Safety Tips

Respect all participants. Everyone is here to share and enjoy their street. Remember to pass on the left with slower traffic keeping to the right. However, you should maintain a safe speed since the event is expected to be crowded. If you’re under the age of 18 and are using anything other than your legs to get around, you must wear a helmet.

Anything with a motor, whether it be a scooter or an e-bike, is prohibited unless you’re required to use one for medical reasons. Finally, keep in mind that the event will end at 4 pm and all traffic will be reopened, so make sure that you have enough time to return to your starting point so you can avoid the traffic.