Unique Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, unique Valentine’s Day dates are leaving the cliché chocolates, flowers, and dinner dates in the dust. Attracting those all over the area from Long Beach to Downey, these nontraditional events and activities are giving an interesting spin on the usual happenings for this holiday. If you’re tired of the norm and want to try something different with your love this year, here’s a list of unique Valentine’s Day dates near Los Angeles.

Valentine’s Day Malibu Wine Safari & Chocolate Tasting at Saddlerock Ranch

Located at 32111 Mulholland Highway in Malibu is the Valentine’s Day Malibu Wine Safari & Chocolate Tasting at Saddlerock Ranch event. Here, you’ll receive a tour of the Malibu Wine Safari’s Saddlerock Ranch and sample wines paired with indulgent chocolates. Also, you can see unusual wildlife like zebras, giraffe, and other animals. This event is set to take place from February 13 to February 15, and tickets will cost $100 each.

Watson Adventures’ Naked at the Getty Scavenger Hunt

On Valentine’s Day from 2 pm or 5:30 pm, you and your love can roam through Getty Center in Los Angeles for a scavenger hunt. With this, you can work together to answer tricky questions to uncover hidden secrets within works of art that involve nudity. It’s an interesting event that everyone can participate in regardless of your knowledge of art.

5K Runs

Although running 5ks as a couple is gaining bit of popularity across the country, a Valentine’s themed run is a unique way to celebrate the holiday. On Valentine’s Day at 7 am, you and your mate can participate in the Sweetheart Conquest at Dockweiler Beach. The track provides a scenic beachfront view for romance as both of you run a 5k, 15k, or 20k together.

Sex and the City Zoo Dinner

At the Sex and the City Zoo Dinner the Witherbe Auditorium in the LA Zoo gives couples champagne, chocolate, and an optional 5-course dinner. Attending this event gives a lighthearted insight on animal dating, mating, and cohabitation. Plus, zoo veteran Joleen Lutz will speak about the pros and cons of relationships within the animal world.

Stay Local or Stay In

The traditions of Valentine’s Day may make you believe you have to go all out to celebrate, but this holiday is actually about appreciating the time you’ve had with your sweetheart and enjoying his or her company. So stay in and create your own experiences at home or ditch the fancy restaurants and stop by a pizza place or taco stand for dinner. So long as you two have fun, it won’t matter where you go or what you do. In the end, it’s about how much you love each other.

In Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Downey unique Valentine’s Day dates are taking over. Step away from the traditions this year and add one or all of these events and ideas to your Valentine’s Day plans for an experience you and your date won’t forget.

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Top Spring Break Staycations in Orange County, CA

Staycations in Orange County are turning into the new vacation destinations for those in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Downey. For spring break this year, many residents in the area are opting to stay local rather than traveling for their vacations. It’s a great idea for those looking to save a little money and for many who prefer to sleep in their own beds. So if you’re considering staying home for a spring break staycation in Orange County, here are some things you can do while you have a little time off.



Spend your spring break at Disneyland in Anaheim this year and take all of your friends and entire family with you. From rides to great food to hanging out with iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Disneyland has everything you need for a magical staycation in Orange County. As stated before, it is right in Anaheim, making it close for those all over the area to enjoy. Plus, with its nearby proximity, you have the freedom to go there for your entire vacation or just one day.

California Hiking Trails and Camping

Orange County is filled with trails and camping spots if you’re looking to get in touch with the local outdoors for your spring break. For hiking there’s the Deer Canyon Park. This 103 acre area of wilderness features a hilly terrain for those quick hikes, mountain biking, and equestrians. For camping there’s the Doheny State Beach. It includes camping grounds at the southern end of the park, making your outdoor experience scenic and beautiful.

Wine Tastings

Living in California means you’re right near the many vineyards the state has to offer. So why not take the time and visit on during your spring break staycation? Whether you’re looking to spend a few nights there or just a day, vineyards in the area offer great amenities, beautiful views, and wine tastings for you to enjoy. From Laguna Canyon Winery to Pozzuoli Vineyard and Winery in Tustin, take your pick of destinations for your staycation.

Staying In

While there are a ton of great staycation destinations all over Orange County, you still have the option of staying in and relaxing. At home you have the freedom to do what you want whether it’s sleeping in or browsing the Norm Reeves Ford Superstore in Cerritos’ online showroom for a new car. Staying in locally is affordable and allows you recharge, regroup and feel refreshed before headed back to college or back to work.

In Orange County, staycation ideas are gaining popularity for those in Downey, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. So if you’re considering staying local, head to the destinations above to experience a spring break filled with excitement. And if you’re planning on staying home relaxing, then get a head start on the car buying process and take a peek at the online showroom at Norm Reeves Ford Superstore. With great new and popular Ford models one is bound to catch your attention, and when one does be sure to schedule your test drive online!

Tips for Charging your Electric Car Battery

Ford has implemented the technologies needed to provide drivers through Downey, Los Angeles, and Long Beach with great efficient performances. This is clearly shown within the electric and hybrid cars in the showroom of Cerritos Ford. From the 2015 Ford C-Max to the Fusion Energi, drivers are getting a great power paired wonderfully with an economically friendly driving experience. However, many are unaware of the helpful tips for charging your electric car battery. So to help, Cerritos Ford has included a list of tips drivers can follow to ensure a long lasting electric battery under the hood.

Avoid Fully Charging

Yes, it seems strange to avoid charging your battery to the fullest percentage, but doing this can lend a hand in creating a shorter life space for the battery. Like other electronics today, charging your electric car’s battery to its full percentage can lead to a faster drain time. This means, the more it’s charged to the max, the shorter it can last on the road. To help prevent premature battery drainage, it’s recommended that you charge up to about 80 percent each time. This not only increases your battery’s lifespan but will also leave room to store energy from the regenerative braking feature that vehicles like the 2015 Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid have.

Be Careful of the Weather

Some electric cars on the road have thermal management that keeps your battery running comfortably with each particular weather condition. However, this can run continuously based on the temperature outside, and it could lead to a dead battery. So if you’re parking your car on a hot day, be sure to park in the shade or in your garage.

Plan Your Trips

Like gas-powered vehicles, it’s important to fuel up and go and know the closest gas stations when you’re on the road. Drivers of electric vehicles planning a quick getaway or an extended vacation should always consider driving on a route with charge stations. By formulating a travel plan that caters to the location of these stations, you won’t have to worry about not having enough power to get to your destination or to get home. But if where you need to go doesn’t include a great deal of charge areas, you can opt for using a regular outlet for power up your car. Just remember to keep track of the time to avoid overcharging.

Schedule Maintenance at Cerritos Ford

Cerritos Ford has what you need to ensure your electric battery runs great for a long time. So be sure to have our trained technicians take a look at your battery regularly to confirm it’s working properly and efficiently. In addition, if you do need a replacement, we’ll be able to gladly help you find the right battery.

Electric cars are all over the streets of Los Angeles, Downey, and Long Beach, and while drivers are enjoying their fuel efficient performance, they may not be enjoying a shortened electric battery lifespan. If you’re one of the many that faces this problem, don’t worry read the tips for charging your electric car battery above to provide the help your battery needs to live longer.