Top Free Valentine’s Day Dates in Cerritos, CA

If you’re one of the many in Los Angeles, Downey, and Long Beach stressing out about affording to take your Valentine out this year, stop and relax. Valentine’s Day in California doesn’t mean you have to empty out your wallet to experience a loving and fun time with your Valentine. There are tons of great date areas all over the area you can take your valentine to this year without having to spend a dime. If you’re looking for free Valentine’s Day dates in the Cerritos area, then here’s a list for you to consider.

Go for a hike

Hiking is great for the adventurous couple that loves to stay active. There are all kinds of trails and paths for you to see. For example, there’s Runyon Canyon in Hollywood where hikers, runners, and even yoga enthusiasts come to relax and get a work out. There’s also the Sara Wan Trailhead at Corral Canyon that gives you and your date not only a great workout with hiking, but amazing views of the ocean in Malibu. Echo Mountain in Altadena where you and your date can head out for a hike at night as the trail does not officially close.

Have a Picnic

As stated before, California is known its year round warm weather and what better way to enjoy both Valentine’s Day and the weather than with a picnic underneath the sun or just at sun-set. A great place to head to for a picnic this year is Echo Lake Park. Here, there’s now a boathouse, new landscaping, and of course picnic tables and grills for your meal. It’s also a place with a view as the lotus gardens with water lilies, and all over the area is a wide array of wildlife like nesting water bird that’ll add to the scenery.

Go exploring

All over the areas of Los Angeles, Downey, and Long Beach are great attractions and places for you and your date to explore. It’s a simple and exciting date as you jump into your new 2015 Ford model from your local Los Angeles area dealer, Cerritos Ford and drive through the towns and areas to discover new local restaurants, parks, and other attractions you’ll remember for future dates and special occasions.

Head to the beach


California is known for its west coast beaches and its year round warm beach weather, so why not take your date our for a great day at one of the many beaches in California for Valentine’s Day this year. From Malibu to South Bay, you two can surf, swim, and soak in the west coast sun. As a bonus, it’ll be free.

California is a bountiful place filled with great attractions and activities that you and your date can find excitement and comfort in this Valentine’s Day. So take a step away from the cliché restaurant date this year, and take your Valentine to these top free Valentine’s Day dates in the Cerritos area that’ll leave both you and your date smiling on the holiday while keeping your wallet full. From hiking to picnics, there’s something for both of you to enjoy this year.