2013 Lincoln MKX: A Decent Midsized SUV

The 2013 Lincoln MKX comes as another entry by the company in the midsized SUV category. The MKX seeks to entice consumers of buying into it with a powerful engine block and a luxurious interior loaded with great features. All models of the 2013 MKX have a 3.7L V-6 engine that generates 305hp, 280 lbs. of torque with the option of going for front-drive or all-wheel drive. Fuel rating with front-drive is 19 mpg city/26 mpg highway which drops to 17 mpg city/23 mpg highway when in all-wheel drive. Equipped properly, the MKX can tow up to 3,500 lbs. As an SUV, the cargo space inside the 2013 MKX is just decent at 32.3 ft3. You can expand this to 68.6 ft3 by folding down the 2nd row of seats. Up to five people can be accommodated inside its cabin which critics say is quite nice, made of high-quality materials. Another noticeable difference is the reduction of cabin noise.

Standard interior features include remote start and push-button ignition, a 10 speaker audio system, climate-controlled seats, leather upholstery, USB connectivity, auxiliary audio jack, SD card reader, MyLincoln Touch w/ Sync, and 12V power outlets. Optional features include a navigation system, auto-dimming rearview mirror, a heated steering wheel, a THX premium audio system w/ HD radio, and a panoramic moonroof.

The 2013 MKX earned good enough scores in safety and crash tests, although it only earned an average score in frontal protection. Its safety features include antilock disc brakes, front side and side curtain airbags, blind-spot monitoring w/cross-traffic alert, stability/traction control, anti-theft alarm, and adaptive cruise control.

The 2013 MKX is priced from $38,000 to $39,900. It is considerably cheaper than its brother, the Lincoln MKX. Critics however say that the MKX’s 300hp engine seems weaker than what its numbers claim. You might want to compare it first with the Acura MDX, which critics say has better handling, and a bigger and equally impressive interior.

2013 Ford Focus to Emphasize the Right Things

The things that you do in life are not all the kinds of things that are right for you, and it is in the identification of these things that are not right for you as well as identifying the things that are right for you that you can start your life with promise. But most people are not quite aware of what constitutes as the things that can be described as right or appropriate, though starting somewhere is a must. For those who are leaning towards transport, the 2013 Ford Focus can provide some pretty interesting features that can lead you to the right things.

What the path that leads to the right things demands is nothing short of keeping to the course that you have chosen, and to start going down this course through the exterior of the 2013 Ford Focus is appropriate. This is because it is important to start every day with the right mood, and the Focus can certainly provide such a thing through the subtlety of its elegance and the finesse in which it projects its presence.

The 2013 Ford Focus further ups the ante through the features that can be found within the interior since starting with the space, there is much that need not be said. The distribution is certainly appropriate for what you might be aiming for and the design is logical in what it provide in the assistance of driving.

When you use the I-4 engine of the 2013 Ford Focus line of cars, what you get is a heck of a lot more than the measly level of efficiency or control that others can provide. On top of that, there is also the question of power, which is appropriately provided for by this vehicle as far as being a car goes.

2013 Lincoln MKT: A Luxurious and Powerful Crossover

This year, the 2013 Lincoln MKT tries to gain some ground in the midsized SUV market. The company made some upgrades with its powertrain and also added a few more standard features. Perhaps what really stands out this year is the new engine setup. The base 3.7L V-6 produces up to 300hp, 280 lbs. of torque with a fuel rating of 17 mpg city/24 mpg highway. The EcoBoost version of the MKT is the real standout. With its turbocharged 3.5L V-6, it produces up to 355hp, 350 lbs. of torque at a fuel rating of 16 mpg city/22 mpg highway. Inside, the 2013 Lincoln MKT is just amazing. Up to seven passengers can be accommodated. Everyone will love the cabin with the premium quality materials used, wood trim and excellent leather upholstery on the seats. Everything just looks elegant and luxurious. Minimum cargo space is 17.9 ft3, which expands to a maximum of 75.9 ft3 when you lower the rear seats.

Every 2013 Lincoln MKT model has standard features like keyless entry, push-button start, front seats with heating and ventilation, tilt-telescoping steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, and a 110V outlet. The dashboard has MyLincoln Touch interface, mobile WiFi, Sync with voice recognition, an 8-speaker audio system w/ CD player, satellite radio, auxiliary audio jack and USB/iPod interface.

By adding the Elite and Technology packages you can have optional features like a heated steering wheel, navigation system, adaptive cruise control, and a 14-speaker premium audio system.

Although impressed with luxury, the 2013 Lincoln MKT can go rough and rugged. Its engine delivers sufficient power without producing too much noise in the cabin. Its good suspension and electric power steering also guarantees a smooth ride all throughout.

The 2013 Lincoln MKT costs $45,300. It will compete with other SUVs like the Acura MDX and the Buick Enclave. The MKT’s best feature is the great no. of standard features it offers, together with its powerful engine.

Refresh Your Senses with the 2013 Lincoln MKZ

If you can imagine a ride that is built on performance, has suave and creates powerful grace; then behold the 2013 Lincoln MKZ a vehicle all on its own. Built to cover twenty-two miles per gallon city drive or thirty-three miles per gallon highway drive, anyone can admit the 2013 Lincoln MKZ already sparks a buzz compared to its market competitors. Driving on high technology can suit anyone’s fancy with the 2013 Lincoln MKZ with this outstanding tech features like the Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane-Keeping System and its BLIS Cross Traffic Alert, all of which are key ingredients to a more excellent driving condition. Its Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start, THX II Certified Audio System, Inflatable Rear Seat Safety Belts and SYNC with MyLincoln Touch keep the journey up to speed with the world around.

With the 2013 Lincoln MKZ you are assured of driving dynamics that fit to par with the rest of the pack through its drive control that has Electric Power-Assisted Steering and Continuously Controlled Damping. You also have the power to choose with the 2013 Lincoln MKZ through its performance choices like the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive or the Adaptive LED Headlamps with Auto High Beams, all keeping you tuned to any driving condition.

And any vehicle experience is never complete with the vehicle’s stunning design, which you definitely get with the 2013 Lincoln MKZ’s brand new design DNA. With its Open and inviting interiors, six speed SeledtShift Automatic with Push Button Shift, Split-Wing Grille, Retractable Panoramic Roof, everything to appease the senses, and provide the most impeccable line of craftsmanship that can ever be provided in any luxury brand.

2013 Ford Transit Connect EV: World’s First Completely Electric Cargo Van

Although it’s common to see a fused car, truck and van running around town, the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV stands out from the crown because of its highly innovative features, technologies and capacity. The Ford Transit Connect EV’s biggest advantage is that it may be used for business purposes. It comes in with a big cargo space which may be increased by putting down the Transit’s back seat. The overall cargo space can be as large as 129.6 cubic feet with a maximum cargo capacity of 1600 pounds. Apart from the large space, Transit Connect’s small size makes it easy for it to maneuver in small areas and course its way through heavy traffic. The 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV is being powered by an innovative liquid cooled 28 kWh lithium-ion battery pack giving the cargo van the advantage to run faster and for longer duration. This engine together with its lightweight materials all make up an electric cargo van uniquely created and innovated.

With the Transit Connect EV’s engine, the electric cargo van can run up to 75 mph and has a maximum power of up to 140 horsepower and 215 pound-feet of torque. When the battery is depleted, the cargo van may be charged using its standard 120-volt outlet or 240-volt outlet that usually requires 6-8 hours of charging with a driving range of 50-80 miles.

Inside the Ford Transit Connect EV is a vinyl flooring, cloth-covered bucket seats giving passengers with smooth and comfortable ride. Its entertainment system includes AM/FM/CD/MP3 capacities while an auxiliary audio input adds a little touch to it.

When it comes to safety, the 2013 Transit Connect EV has also lots to brag about. Its safety features include driver and front-passenger front and side airbags, stability and traction control, 4-wheel ABS, rear-sensing alarm system, collapsible steering column and tire pressure monitoring system.

2013 Lincoln MKS: A Pretty Stocked Car

Available already this year, the 2013 Lincoln MKS is the company’s entry in the large car category. The MKS is much more improved this year, loaded with advanced interior features and some upgrades in its powertrain. Inside, the 2013 Lincoln MKS definitely is it. Not only are the seats very comfortable, they are heated and ventilated too. This helps when travelling straight for long hours as you won’t feel much road lag. Critics though think the rear seats are a bit cramped with limited headroom. The 2013 Lincoln MKS has plenty of standard interior features: air-conditioning, keyless keypad entry, leather upholstery, tilt-telescoping steering wheel, heated auto-dimming mirrors, and dual-zone automatic climate control. The dashboard has Sync voice control, MyLincoln Touch, a 10-speaker audio system w/CD player, satellite radio, USB/iPod interface, and mobile WiFi.

You can add even more features by getting the optional Premium and Elite packages. With it, you get a heated steering wheel, multi-contour seats, heating on the rear seats, a navigation system, and a 16-speaker premium audio system.

For this year, the 2013 Lincoln MKS has two engine variations. The 3.7L V-6 can generate 300hp, 280 lbs. of torque at an effective fuel rating of 18 mpg city/27 mpg highway. There is also the turbocharged 3.5L V-6 which can generate 355hp, 365 lbs. of torque at an effective fuel rating of 17 mpg city/25 mpg highway.

The MKS packs a lot of power in both engine types, which is quite good especially when travelling on steep highways. However, critics don’t like the fact that the MKS really moves and handles exactly like a large car. As acceleration goes up, particularly in models with the turbocharged 3.5L, steering and handling become cumbersome.

The 2013 Lincoln is priced at $42,800. With all the features it has, the MKS is nice both outside and inside. However, the ride experience is not that nice, and which could really hurt its marketability.

2013 Lincoln MKT For The Progressive Mind

Getting stuck in the past is not the healthiest state to be in when you really think about the kind of prospects that you could have if you only take the time to get there, but the matter of getting there is actually one of the bigger problems you face. When there are obstacles in your path towards progress, it is best for you to find a way to overcome them, though sailing through them would be better inside great vehicles. For a progressive example, the 2013 Lincoln MKT amply provides the blueprint of what progress can be for those who would choose to drive it.

When the exterior of the vehicle is as forward looking as that of the 2013 Lincoln MKT, it can definitely be said that it is the kind of appearance that would fit well with the needs of the time. Progressively designed, the body exhibits many of the modern qualities that drivers definitely need. The design is then reinforced by being made of materials of the highest quality that you could ask for.

Likewise with the interior, progress is given high priority by making sure that you get as much out of the experience with the 2013 Lincoln MKT as you could when inside it. You are never cheated off of the space since there is much of it and the design itself is made to generously assist you in being a better driver.

If every vehicle had power like that of the 2013 Lincoln MKT, courtesy of the V6 engine, there would be fewer complaints about vehicles that cannot do the job well. This is because the MKT certainly gets jobs done, and with the most amount of ease you can want.