A Great Time to Flex with the 2013 Ford Flex

Although showing off in any form is considered to be an ill-mannered sentiment such as when people drive around in very attractive and imposing vehicles amidst a crowd of those with less impressive contraptions, sometimes showing off simply cannot be avoided when a practical vehicle also happens to look gorgeous. This fact is amply obvious in the numerous models that are as vigorously functional as they are good looking, but it is no more apparent than in the 2013 Ford Flex, where standing out is a built-in feature.

With the size of the Flex, getting noticed is an eventuality that simply cannot be avoided and the simple fact that it exists automatically denotes standing out. But size is not the only noticeable aspect of the Flex as its sculpted frame certainly does nothing to allow for blending to the background.

Indeed, with the unique way that its shape has been formed to assume a quality of appearance that is both distinct and desirable, the design of the Flex is as far from being anonymous as far can get.

For a vehicle the size of the Flex, an interior space that can fit up to seven passengers comfortably is hardly a surprising thing. Still, it is always gratifying to know that a crowd will not be a problem and that neither will cumbersome objects that need transporting. For people, the comfortable seating features are also quite satisfactory.

Noting that the size of the Flex is mentioned throughout this piece, it is also not a stretch to claim that it has enormous power. Indeed, the power of the engine becomes more prominent by every shift of the gear, so explore as you wish.

Always a Time For Celebration With The 2013 Ford Fiesta

If one were to get a small car, he would want it to be the most complete. Complete means an affordable price, good fuel rating, decent amount of passenger and cargo space, and an abundance of interior and safety features. All of that can be found in the 2013 Ford Fiesta, which might just be the best in the small car category. There is only one engine configuration for the 2013 Fiesta, a 1.6L engine capable of 120hp and 112 lbs. of torque. It certainly doesn’t pack much power and speed.  The fuel rating however is one of the best among small cars which is at 29 mpg city/39 mpg on the highway.

The 2013 Fiesta has 15.4 ft3 of cargo space, expandable up to 26 ft3 by folding down the rear seats. Critics praised the design of the Fiesta’s interior, saying it has one of the best designs for its class.

Standard interior features include air-conditioning, tilting telescopic steering wheel, and a 4-speaker stereo system. The dashboard is equipped with Ford Sync infotainment system which is activated with voice commands. Sync has Bluetooth, USB/iPod connectivity for streaming music, and is capable of receiving SMS.

Optional features that can be added include leather seats, a moon-roof, keyless entry, heated mirrors and seats, cruise control, a trip computer and satellite radio.

The 2013 Fiesta got good marks in safety and crash tests, which also included tests in frontal/side impact test and also a rollover test. Standard safety features include seven airbags composed of front side, rear side curtain and knee airbags. It has antilock disc and drum brakes, stability/traction control and child safety locks.

The 2013 Fiesta is priced from $13,800 to $18,700. It is definitely worth buying, thanks to its great fuel rating and also a nice interior. Overall, it is pretty balanced in almost every area and that makes it as probably the best choice for a small car.

A Business Oriented Car – 2013 Ford Transit Connect

When it comes to businesses especially when delivering, Ford Transit Connect would really be one of the first choices. This car has a fuel economy capability which would greatly help companies to even save more in the long run.Three types of Ford Transit are available today which includes the XL, XLT and the Wagon XLT. The new 2013 Ford Transit Connect has a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine with automatic transmission that has a fuel economy system of 21 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. This small car has a top speed of 75mph. It also has four wheel anti-lock brakes, front airbags, stability control which can also have optional devices such as a rear-view camera and sensors.

Standard car stereo of this car can play MP3 music as well as FM/AM and auxiliary input jacks with two installed speakers on XL and four speakers on Wagon XLT. A 15-inch wheel made of steel is equipped through this car and its cargo box height which is 53.7 inches would definitely load big objects.

Equipped gadgets attachment for this car includes air-conditioning, privacy glass and telescoping steering wheel. For the XLT type there are some additional specifications attached such as heated mirrors, maplight, cruise control and window defroster. The wagon XLT on the other hand has improved gadgets such as carpets on the rear seat and folding 3-person seat.

Using this type of car produced by Ford will really allow you more cargo space and efficiency, especially for businesses.

Having a car that would really help you with your business needs at the same time good fuel economy really gives you great advantage nevertheless the loads must not be too heavy – that’s the 2013 Ford Transit Connect.

2013 Lincoln MKX for Maximum Power on the Road

The goal to find a vehicle that can offer a tremendous amount of horsepower is not difficult to achieve since there are certainly plenty of performance vehicles in the market these days. The goal to find a vehicle that has tremendous horsepower while also maintaining a look of classy professionalism however is another matter entirely. It is simply not that easy to get hold of a model that could be driven up a mountain and not look out of place in a company parking lot, though the 2013 Lincoln MKX certainly makes it look easy enough.

For the MKX to belong as much in the most reputable parking spaces in any major corporation while also looking like it could run through a brick wall, it must have an exterior that is stylish and striking. Since this is exactly the base idea around the design of the MKX, stylish and striking is exactly what you get. You can hardly find a more suitable vehicle to either go touring around the world with or to drive a high ranking executive around town.

From the seat covers to the atmospheric contributions of a few trims made of genuine wood, the interior of the MKX does not old back on luxury services. You also get heated seats, a convenient panoramic paneled roof and some climate options with dual controls, and lighting that really sets the mood.

Having a lot of horsepower under the hood is great, but when trying to be professional, it helps to not show off. As such, the MKX favors allowing people to feel rather than hear the difference. The impeccable control is also a great companion to it so you get to the office unruffled.