2013 Lincoln MKX: Perfect Mix of Technology and Comfort

The 2013 Lincoln MKX is a beauty with its generous passenger space, quiet cabin, comfortable ride, and innovative technology. What sets it apart from other small-to-midsize crossovers is interior room and superior features. The 2013 Lincoln MKX is powered by a 3.7 liter V6 that makes 305-hp and 280 pound-feet torque. This is Mustang-worthy powertrain at 0-60 mph time and 8.0 seconds, and a top speed in the 125-mph range. The crossover is available in a six-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting capability.

Fuel economy are at 19 mpg/city/ 26 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined with front-wheel drive and 17/23/29 for all-wheel drive models.  When the 2013 Lincoln MKX is properly equipped, it can tow up to 3,500 pounds.

The crossover is a five-passenger crossover – the comfortably seats adults. Its interior boasts of a well-trimmed cabin with handsome stitching, real aluminum accents, and quality materials. The fronts seats have good support so both drivers and passengers can ride in ease. Both front and back seats can be heated. It has ample head and leg room space.

The 2013 Lincoln MKX is still one of the safest vehicles . The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the crossover an overall score of four stars while the Insurance Institute for Highways Safety rated it as Top Safety Pick.

The biggest improvement for the 2013 Lincoln MKX is MyLincoln Touch System – a combination of Ford’s sync and Lincoln’s innovation, it is Bluetooth controlled, voice-activated technology with a pair of LCD screens flanking the speedometer. It is a big LCD screen that has touch-sensitive functions and has replace the combination of a dozen buttons, navigation, and climate controls. It is an innovative feature that hosts both media and navigation.

Excellence In Fuel Efficiency With The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Hybrid cars are probably the best we’ve achieved for modern day, personal travel. They consume less fuel, are quieter and have less emission thus helping to reduce pollution. Each year, the competition for the best hybrid car helps grows more intense with newer technologies being developed each year. The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is already reputed to be the best affordable midsized car. It could also be the best overall hybrid car this year. The 2013 Fusion Hybrid draws eco-friendly power from a 4-cylinder 2.0 liter engine and electric motor which also has a continuously variable transmission. The engine and electric motor generates 188 horsepower. Fuel rating is 47 mpg, both for city driving and highway driving. Auto reviewers say though that realistically, the Fusion consumes fuel at 40-41 mpg.

The interior is great and spacious and seating is excellent. The dashboard is also excellent with the MyFord infotainment system, combining a navigation system with a 6-speaker CD audio system. MyFord allows connectivity for BlueTooth, your cellphone and also audio jacks for external audio devices.

You can also receive SMS which are read via the speakers, great convenience while driving. There is dual-zone climate control plus you can add other features like heated seats, rain-sensing wipers, 110-V household plug, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring with cross traffic alert, and a host of other options.

The 2013 Fusion Hybrid scored great in safety and crash protection. For its safety features, it has airbags for the front, side and even the head of both driver and passengers in front and in the rear. The wheels equipped with Anti-lock Braking System. It has electronic stability control, traction control, disc brakes and child safety locks.

The price of the 2013 Ford Fusion ranges from $27,000 – $32,000. It’s an excellent choice, being a fuel-saver and also having great interior and exterior features. And it also looks great. If you want the best midsized car, the Fusion Hybrid is definitely it.

Meet the Best Midsize Crossover for this Season, The 2013 Ford Edge

When you choose to have a large crossover, it might be too much for you especially that it comes in with a bigger space and much bigger third-row seats. When you have smaller crossover it might not be roomy for you and your family. If you are having thoughts of buying a new crossover but doesn’t seem to figure out what which is better, then opt for a midsize crossover. And when it comes to midsize crossovers, there is one name that has great standing – the 2013 Ford Edge.

2013 Ford Edge is a preferred choice because of its user-friendly navigation, giving the driver ease of maneuvering not to mention its great features in its interior design. The interior features that users should look out for are its advanced cruise control, a safety feature such as blind-spot warning, infotainment such as MyFord Touch electronic system, Sync voice command and many more.

Drivers of The Edge will definitely love their European type of driving with a road noise that is barely noticeable. The 2013 Ford Edge comes in with a V6 engine which is a standard engine feature for this midsize crossover while a turbocharged cylinder can be option which of course, will require extra payment.

The midsize crossover can seat around five passengers which is very much ideal for an average-sized family. Safety features for the 2013 Ford Edge are of great standards. The midsize crossover is fully equipped with antilock disc brakes, stability control as well as airbags for its front row and sides. Its safety features also include the remarkable Ford MyKey system a programmable feature that limits speed for the vehicle and stereo volume.

Though the 2013 Ford Edge comes in with very promising features, it also has its own downfalls. One of which is its MyFord Touch system that give users a hard time figuring out and can be difficult to use.

2013 Ford Escape Allows the Greatest Road Escapade

You can say what you will about everyday life, but it can never be denied that it can sometimes feel like an experience that can be likened to being trapped in a spiral of monotony that can drive most people crazy if they do not find a way to escape it. This explains why people go on trips, take vacations, or drive across entire countries for the heck of it. But while those may sound nice, something that can give you regular reprieve like driving around in a 2013 Ford Escape is definitely called for in order to maintain sanity.

What people see on the outside is usually the first thing that they attach meaning to and the exterior of the Escape can definitely give people the impression of a promise for relaxation. The size is worthy of notice so you feel safe. The design of the body is impressive, so you are never shy to cruise around. The style of the wheels also helps in further boosting morale and confidence in appearance.

Once inside the Escape, peace of mind is the first thing that you will experience. Since the space it provides is considerable, passengers and driver will experience no feeling of confinement and thus free to relax. The comfort that the seats provide only amplifies this effect to pleasing degrees due to the high quality materials that went into making them.

Since driving around is one of the best ways to wind down and get comfortable, a smooth ride is naturally preferable. As needed, so the Escape Provides with the ease in motion that people need for any occasion and power that can fully satisfy their needs.

Your Home Inside Your Car – 2013 Lincoln MKT

This nice car with a lot of interior space could make the family feel luxurious and comfortable. The new Lincoln MKT 3-row seat car would let you feel that you are having a home on the move. You can also have a second row refrigerator which would let your beverages stay cool. A new excellent car for every family. This classy car has either a V6 3.5-L twin turbo engine 355hp or V6 3.7-L engine 268hp capabilities. This fuel economic car only consumes 21 mpg when using an Ecoboost engine. This is also equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission for better and easier drive.

Powered by Sirius satellite radio andAM/FM tuner, you’ll be able to know the important events that is happening outside. This cozy car is also equipped with a 10-speaker sound system, using the car’s input jack, you can play music through your iPod. It can also play MP3 musics, DVD’s and CD’s.

This monster car has a nice bumper design which gives it a unique look. This vehicle is also packed with a well fortified aluminum based 20-inch wheels  that give major improvements such as lighter and stronger wheels. When it comes to safety, the new2013  Lincoln MKT never backed down from its competitors. It has an installed reverse parking mechanism to prevent bumps with rear view camera. Just like other new cars these days, it has also side impact airbags and anti-lock brakes.

This car has a capacity to store large objects on the back due to its flexible 3rd row seat that can help maximize the space. The 2013 Lincoln MKT has a power panoramic roof and sunshades which makes you feel more relaxed. Equipped with automatic push start button and keyless entry, this car will make you feel more at ease with it. Other features include cruise control, adaptive suspension, heated front and 2nd row seats, fog lights and rear spoilers.

For Better Road Connection, Choose 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV

Being able to make the delivery in the fastest possible time, in the best possible condition and in the most professional manner is something that many business owners strive to achieve, whether it is in their appearance or the appearance of the kinds of vehicles they choose to drive. A lot of business persons choose models that are big, bulky and impressive, regardless of the actual specs that the vehicle offers in driving and delivering. Needless to say, this can only lead to disaster, which is why considering vehicles like the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV is important.

There is definitely no doubting the fact that when making deliveries, people should present a certain amount of professionalism so as to convey to the customers that you are taking them seriously. But there should also be a bit of fun in there so that the atmosphere is not so tense. As a result, the exterior of the Transit Connect EV has a bit of both in its design.

For those businesses that deal in fragile items, vehicles that have a logical use of room are important. As such, the Transit Connect EV has not only been given quite a bit of space to accommodate cargo, but also a sensible design to make sure the cargo is contained properly.

With the Transit Connect EV being electrically propelled, people might think that it will not work as a delivery van. But first impression is really quite unreliable here since not only is this baby quite competent at delivering, it does so with ample power, great control and awesome efficiency.

Premium 2013 Lincoln MKS for Premium Driving

Most of the issues that people had about automobiles in the old days have pretty much been dealt with by car makers by now, and except for a few outstanding preferences with which the option of hovering and sporting advanced weaponry are among the lineup of, there really are just a few hiccups that still need attention. But even with those, car makers have really made huge strides in addressing the remaining issues at a faster rate. The 2013 Lincoln MKS is a good example of how the wrinkles have been smoothed over to produce an undeniably outstanding car.

Anyone who thinks that the exterior of a car is only meant to protect the delicate machinery inside really needs to get out more. The majority of those who have ever seen a car will agree that a model that is as smooth, as sleek and as well sculpted as the MKS is exactly what an exterior of a car is meant to be. So feel free to be impressed.

Equally fitting for the modern age is the interior of the MKS, where the space provided for passengers and the driver is expertly calculated to give the most amount of room to provide optimum comfort without overdoing it. The many pleasurable amenities such as excellent seat covers and the various other luxury options also make the experience of riding on the MKS worthy of any expectation.

Regardless of what your idea of a car exterior or interior should be, the preference for performance is a universal thing. A car must be fast, must be easy to control and must be powerful in a pinch. A car should be like the MKS.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid for the Right Combination on the Road

Loving the car you are driving is an incredibly important part of the experience of driving since drivers who do not love their machine companions or machine companions that do not really fit the style of the drivers will make the whole journey incredibly awkward and sometimes even disastrous. Choosing the machine from the outset should be given all due consideration to make sure that there is a bond created before taking it home. A convenient testing item for this would be the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid, though customers should be warned that they might fall too deeply in love as a consequence.

What you have with the Fusion Hybrid is a car that blends the modern aesthetics that has come to be expected from the cars made for the 21st century with the hopes and dreams of the past age, and that is by no means an exaggeration. By focusing on aerodynamics, designers made the exterior of the Fusion Hybrid functional as well as classy to cater to those who have good taste and good sense.

Putting two cars side by side where one was the design a few decades back and one is the design for the new age will instantly make it clear how markedly different the two designs are. For those in the modern era, the present-day feel that the stylish interior design of the Fusion Hybrid is just what is called for.

The Fusion Hybrid has undoubtedly been created to save on gas and reduce pollution, but along with that is the intention to provide ample speed. So drivers now have the ability to reduce costs without reduction in performance.

2013 Ford Fiesta: The Best-Loved Car in Five Decades

Five decades is equivalent to fifty long, (or short depends on how you look at it) years. That is how long people from all over the world love Ford Fiesta. The fist Fiesta was sold in 1976 and since then has made a name to reckon with in the automotive industry. True to its passion for innovation, Ford did not stick to the current model that was adored by its global patronizers. It continued to improve its perfomace, design, and technology. Targetted to attract the younger generation of drivers, the 2013 Ford Fiesta is a very competitive car. The 2013 Ford Fiesta is available in both manual and automatic transmission.

The 2013 Ford Fiesta has a big trapezoidal front grill with large laser headlamps that use the latest LED technology, and the beaut features of a power-dome design. The curves and angles of Fiesta is both intruiguing and compelling. The interior is equally exceptional with its roomy and comfortable layout.

The best feature of the 2013 Ford Fiesta though is its best-in-class fuel economy. People that budget smartly will get a kick out of this car with its efficient performance. It is equipped with 1.0 liter Ecoboost Petrol Engine.

With technology and innovation at the helm of the Ford’s creation, the company made sure that the car delivers exclusive technology features that include Ford SYNC, Active City Stop, and the European debut of MyKey.

Not only do you get to choose the type of transmission of your car, you also have a wide selection of the Ford Fiesta models: S Sedan, S Hatch, SE Sedan, SE Hatch, Titanium Sedan, and Titanium Hatch. Price is from $13,200 to $18,200.

2013 Lincoln MKZ: Power Sedan

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ is a looker. Anyone is bound to look as this fusion-based sedan speeds away. The awinshield has a steep rake, the rear window is lengthened creating a sportscar silhouette, and aero improvement. Added to the 2013 Lincoln MKZ’s appeal is its new split-wing grille, input-steering LED headlights, and full-width LED taillights. The sedan is also offered in standard and hybrid editions. The base engine is 2.0 liter Ecoboost turbo four, rated for 240 and 270 lb-ft torque and has projected EPA economy ratings of 22 mpg city / 33 highway. The gasoline-electric hybrid has a 2.0 liter internal combustion four and electric motor that combine for a max of 188-hp. Although the 2013 Lincoln MKZ lacks a pure electric version, it offers a 3.7 liter v6 good for 300-hp and 277 lb-ft.

Both engines have six-speed automatic transmissions and will be available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The traditional mechanical shift lever is replaced by five buttons for park, neautral, reverse, drive, and sport for forward gears.The 2013 Lincoln MKZ hybrid is automatic and front-drive only.

The interior is pure decadence with sweeping double dashboard design with central control stack – dominated by MyLincoln Touch, and eight-inch LCD touch screen that is Bluetooth controlled, voice-activated technology that hosts both information and entertainment – media and navigation. The interior woodtrim is “responsibly harvested”, according to Lincoln. Audio options start with 11-speaker standard setup  or an upgrade of 14-speaker THX-II certified system.

Safety is top priority of 2013 Lincoln MKZ with diffrent features such as Lane Keeping System – a system that uses a camera mounted at the back of rearview mirror to track the lane markers ahead of the car to check if it is within the lane and radar-based adaptive cruise control system – collision warning feature with brake control.