The 2012 Ford Escape is Still on Top of its Game

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The 2012 Ford Escape is not your average crossover vehicle. The Escape line has been around for more than 10 years already yet it still remains as the best-selling vehicle of its kind. Thanks to its truck-like design, reasonable price and a safety and reliability track record that scores remarkable, it stays on top of the list. The 2012 Escape’s look means business. It looks like a utility vehicle with its tall windows, bluff corners and chrome grille. In short, it looks simple and functional. There are different varieties of Escape. If you prefer the SUV body, there’s a V-6 variant, comfortable enough for passengers and able enough to carry stuff. On the other hand, the base four-cylinder variant is advisable solo commuters. Both come in 6-speed automatic and shifting is smooth which means that it uses lesser fuel thus saving you money.

There are a number of reviews that say that they choose the Escape Hybrid above all because of its gas-electric drivetrain. The Hybrid version cruises quietly at highway speeds. The combination of the battery and combustion power surely benefits the vehicle owner because fuel consumption is lesser.

The interior has enough headroom even if the 2012 Escape has an upright body. The cargo area is enough for the usual load but if you fold down the rear seats, you will have bigger space if you need one.

The standard features include dual front, side and curtain airbags; anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control with rollover protection. There’s also Ford’s MyKey system. The upgraded versions may be equipped with additional features such as HD Radio, rear-seat DVD entertainment system and more.

The “Old” 2012 Ford Edge with the New Twists

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There’s not much change to see on the outside but the 2012 Ford Edge is now edgier than before. This chunky crossover seats 5; it has a spacious interior; a Vista Roof glass panel plus Ford’s very own MyFord Touch system. The 2012 Ford Edge is now included in the list of Ford cars with the EcoBoost engine. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine can be compared to the base V-6 with its 30 mpg gas mileage for highway driving. For the 285-horsepower form, you have the standard six cylinders while the Edge Sport is 305-horspower machine. Whatever version you will choose, you are assured of smooth but firm driving experience and steering is very light. This is a great vehicle for families or those who are into carpools.

IIHS also call it a Top Safety Pick with its standard curtain airbags and anti-lock controls. If you choose to upgrade, you can equip the 2012 edge with blind-spot monitors, a rearview camera and parking sensors to make life easier for you.

All the edge models have a USB port to play your music, a capless fuel filler, MyKey and MyTouch. MyKey is a program that lets parents control the speed and volume of the young drivers using the car while MyTouch uses Bluetooth and touchscreen to organize the dash so it looks neat and clean. You can use voice command or steering wheel command for the other features such as navigation and climate control.

The modifications done with the 2012 Ford Edge are contributing factors why it became more appealing to the market. You got a stylish car with enough and comfortable space plus advanced technology not to mention fuel economy, what’s not to love?

2012 Ford Ranger: Bigger, Stronger, And Quieter

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Almost everybody wants their bigger, stronger and badder. Otherwise you’re better off getting a minicar or a sedan. But almost none of the same people want a truck that’s louder because no one wants to have to deal with the noise or the angry neighbors that eventually follow. One vehicle manufacturer understands this clearly when it designed the 2012 Ford Ranger, a truck that’s bigger, stronger, and definitely quieter. Simply put, the 2012 Ford Ranger is the new benchmark for all other trucks on the market to beat. With each model, Ford does its best to reinvent its Ranger lineup based on the cutting edge of technology and its own design philosophy, and the 2012 Ford Ranger is no exception. The exterior is now more tougher-looking, stronger, and more refined. Clean lines cut across the hood for a smooth finish.

 On the inside the 2012 Ford Ranger feels even better than it looks on the outside. Interior-wise, a top car review aggregate website gave it 4 out of 5 stars, with its seats that well-padded, attractive tactile surfaces, a roomy storage area and wide-opening doors. Comfort is not a concern even if you have to be on the road for hours on end, especially for the driver since the steering wheel is easily adjustable to one’s liking.

 2012 Ford Ranger’s safety features are some of the best in the industry, with curtain, front and side airbags, child restraint anchorages and pretensioning seat belts. Simply put, it’s one of the safest trucks out there.

 If you want a solid truck from a time-proven manufacturer, the 2012 Ford Ranger is one of the best available right now on the market.

The New and Better 2011 Lincoln Town Car Version

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The Lincoln Town Car is a popular choice for people who want an elegant-looking car to pick them up from the airport or for driving them to the prom. In short, this car exudes confidence and style. The Lincoln Town Car is an old favorite which will be replaced by the 2012 Lincoln MKT Town Car. The new replacement will continue what the old Town Car does — haul full-size people at the most comfortable and luxurious way possible. The 2012 MKT Town Car comes in a standard-length “Livery” body style. You have the option of front or all-wheel drive. Another version is the tough “Limousine” model, stretchable up to 10 feet and the standard variant is the all-wheel drive.

The newer versions have upgraded the suspension, electric power steering, brakes and transmission of the newer vehicles. You will also be delighted to know that included are unique wheels and tires, as well as various wheel bearings.

Some of the major features of the 2012 MKT Town Car include a USB charging port, Wi-Fi hotspot and 110-volt power socket. This is truly luxury all the way. The car also has audio controls which can be accessed by rear seat passengers. If they need more legroom, they can also control the adjustment of the front passenger seat to be more comfortable. Those who have ridden in a good old Town Car before will appreciate this new feature.

The new MKT Town Car will also have more space for cargo. The auto park feature is also a nice addition to the new vehicle. Passengers will also appreciate that both versions has higher ride height so they can easily get in or out of the car.

2012 Ford Ranger: When The Tough Gets Rough

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Ford is a brand of automobile manufacturer known for its top of the quality line of crossovers and 4-wheel drives, and the 2012 Ford Ranger is no exception. This new model is a beast in that it is bigger and stronger than last year’s iteration. Yet it is also a work of art in that it is quiet and gives the impression, no less, of a car-like refinement, something you don’t often find in big muscle automobiles. Let’s take a closer look. First and foremost, the specs. The 2012 Ford Ranger is fitted with a 470Nm of torque with six-speed auto, as well as towing capacity of 3.35 ton braked that puts it two generations ahead, at least, of the nearest competitor. In both engineering and mechanical standpoint, the 2012 Ford Ranger is leaps and bounds ahead of its time.

According to most automobile critics, the interior of the vehicle is especially well put together and designed. The inside features sleek, clean lines and a sloping dashboard that complements the metal brushed center stack. The doors are highlighted by instrument bezels and satin metal. The 2012 Ford Ranger is a thing of beauty.

Aside from its off-road capabilities, one of the reasons why Ford Rangers became popular is due to the model’s generous storage capacity, which is perfect for those looking towards the next big adventure outdoors. The double cab tub of the 2012 Ford Ranger, for example, is at 1560mm wide and 1549mm long. In case you aren’t aware, this is one of the biggest storage capacities of any automobile in its class.

The 2012 Ford Ranger is as sleek as it is a muscular, and definitely worth a place in anyone’s garage.

2012 Lincoln Navigator – Navigate the Rough Roads Easily

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Luxury and versatility – the two words that the Lincoln Navigator can guarantee you. With this SUV, you can ‘Navigate the Skies’ easily, with style. Its engine is a 5.4L SOHC 3-Valve V8 with 310hp at 5100rpm and with a fuel economy of 14mpg in the city and 20 on the highway. The Navigator serves you speed and saves you gas at the same time, giving you more money to save. The exterior look of the Navigator is a bold, humungous look but still has class on the side. With a striking chrome grille, 20” polished aluminum wheels, and any color of your choice, it is guaranteed to attract any eye from the crowd, with smiles on their faces.

Now, for safety, Lincoln serves nothing but the best. Six standard airbags are placed all around the Navigator, giving you confidence and peace of mind while you drive. And when the airbags deploy, it automatically connects you to a 911 phone operator using the Lincoln SYNC connectivity system, a standard on every Navigator unit.

Technology is getting pretty fast. But with the Navigator, you are able to catch up. With the infamous Sirius-XM Radio, Traffic, and Travel link combines Global Positioning System and serving you the latest traffic and weather updates while you listen to commercial-less radio tuning. And with the LCD screen, you can view a virtual map on where you actually are, view the rear part of the car with the rear view camera installed, and, when you just want to park and stop, you can play your favorite movie with the DVD player included.

The 2012 Lincoln Navigator is available in these colours – ingot silver, dark blue pearl, autumn red, green gem, sterling gray, tuxedo black and white platinum.

2012 Ford Transit Connect: Reliability, Functionality and Flexibility

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Business owners are always on the lookout for cargo vans that are not just attractive but larger and less fuel thirsty vehicles. This year, the 2012 Ford Transit Connect is all those and so much more. There is no doubt left in my mind that Ford is finally coming out this year with its best line up to date hoping to give the competition a serious run for its money. For a business owner, the 2012 Ford Transit Connect is simply beautiful and economical. Aware of the needs of the average business owner, Ford made certain that the new 2012 model is much easier to maneuver and park in extremely tight spaces compared to last year’s model. And while the 2012 Ford Transit Connect is a big vehicle with a large cargo space, it is also packed with electronics features with business in mind.

In terms of seating capacity, the 2012 Ford Transit Connect is designed to lift five passengers though it is possible to fit in more if necessary. In addition the model is especially noted for its exceptionally low regular consumption of fuel, making it a commendable investment in the eyes of business owners, at least compared to other vehicle models in its class.

Going back to its electronics features, the vehicle is equipped with the Ford Work Solutions computer system. It allows business owners and entrepreneurs to keep track of cargo and tools, which is pretty handy. A WiFi hotspot and built-in printer completes the set up. An impressive roster of tools for a low cost model.

Compared to models from other auto manufacturers, the 2012 Ford Transit Connect is definitely at the top of the food chain. It is a worthwhile investment so make it count.

2012 Ford E-Series Wagon – The Trusted Mover for Over 50 years

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If moving things are your business, then avail a 2012 Ford E-Series Wagon today. It has the muscle, the efficiency and the spacious cargo Ford served for more than 50 years. There are three engines available for the E-Series wagon, they are – the 4.6L Triton 16-valve Flex Fuel V8 engine with 225 hp, the 5.4L Triton 16-valve Flex Fuel V8 engine with 255 hp, and the 6.8L Triton 20-valve V10 engine with 305 hp.

For the interior, 15 people (on the extended wagon) can fit in with enough shoulder room and foot room as well. And because it’s a wagon, it can tow up to 10000lbs of mass with ease. And to make it easier for you to hook on your trailer, a rear view camera is available.

Connectivity is a must while driving; and it is possible with the SYNC for Ford. It’s an easy-to-use car connectivity system that links your Bluetooth-enabled phone and enables you to make hands-free calls, control your music from your USB, MP3 player or iPod with simple voice commands, gives you traffic alerts, directions and information, and with its  911 assist feature, you can connect to 911 when you can’t.

Entertainment while on the ride is necessary; especially if it’s a long trip. With the 6.5 inch in-dash display, people inside can be entertained; partnered a CD/DVD/MP3 player with DVD playback capability, people inside can view their favorite movies while on the drive.

The 2012 Ford E-Series Wagon is available of these colors – vermillion red, ingot silver, pueblo gold, dark blue pearl, oxford white, black, school bus yellow, and steel blue.

The 2012 Ford Focus Focuses on the Good Things

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If you want a sensibly-sized car that helps you save fuel, your choices are endless. The never ending options make it hard for you to choose but if you want something that stands out from the rest, get a 2012 Ford Focus because it has more personality, Ford gave extra attention when they conceptualized the 2012 Ford Focus. They intended this to be a car that looks great and feels great to drive. You will appreciate its beauty inside and out and it has extra features that are not yet available with its competitors. Customers have two options when it comes to the body styles. They can choose between a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback. Both have nice creases and curves and its interior is complex but beautiful in design. There’s an instrument panel arrangement inside that comes with a thick center stack. It also has nice surface sculpting and vents.

The entire 2012 Focus lineup is focused with a 2.0-liter direct-injected four cylinder engine. You can choose whether to get five-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed PowerShift dual-clutch automatic. The dual-clutch gearbox can keep the rev high, without any interruption whenever you need it.

The 2012 Ford Focus also has a Sport mode but you can also control shifts yourself using the little +/- button found on the side of the shift knob. Since the Ford Focus has an electric power steering system, it has nice weighting and it definitely performs well.

The 2012 Ford Focus is designed to look and feel sporty so even in its interiors, you can see it. The top Titanium trim adds to the feel that this is more like a European sport-sedan and not an affordable small car. The base seats also offer better support than those that are installed in other small cars.

The legroom and headroom are just the same for both sedan and hatchback models. Even if you are more than 6 feet in height, the car can still accommodate you comfortably. There’s leather upholstery so the stylish look is complete.

2013 Lincoln MKT: Bring Up Memories of the Classic Mustang

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The automobile industry has become somewhat stale in that manufacturers are no longer being competitive to the point of innovation. But for its 2013 roster, Lincoln is proving innovation is still very much part of its work and design philosophy with the introduction of the 2013 Lincoln MKT, which Lincoln debuted at the LA auto show way back in 2011. Imagine the hype for this model after having been continuously touted as something of a “revolution”.

First and foremost, the most significant stylistic departure of the 2013 Lincoln MKT from its previous iteration is the split-waterfall grille which is now finer and looks far more polished, featuring slats that feel more elegant than before.

The decision for the change is both welcome and, in a way, expected since Lincoln has made it apparent they wanted to bring up memories of the timeless and classic Mustang with its new design. And it works!

The engine improvements of the 2013 Lincoln MKT are also no laughing matter. While Lincoln already announced that the 2013 Lincoln MKT will be shipping out fitted with a 3.7 liter V-6 engine backed by 355 horsepower and EcoBoost, which is also available in last year’s model, this year’s version of the engine comes improved with 300 horsepower as well as 275 lb-ft of torque. That’s a significant increase to the previous year’s figures, and that is only fitting for a model of 2013 Lincoln MKT’s caliber.

The 2013 Lincoln MKT is the automobile manufacturer’s proud testament to their continuous efforts of raising the bar that defines the industry standards of what is innovative and what is slowly becoming stale. No doubt the 2013 Lincoln MKT will rock the industry down to its roots when it comes out.