Labor Day Getaways near Cerritos, CA

Believe it or not, Labor Day is just around the corner, which for many of us means a bonus day off from work and some extra time to spend with friends and loved ones. To make sure that you get the most out of this well-deserved holiday, we’ve compiled some of the best Labor Day getaways near Cerritos, CA. You can bring along that special someone, invite your friends, or go it alone for a calming and relaxing day out of the office. Whatever you decide to do, just remember that you totally deserve it.

Getaway #1:  Catalina Island

labor day activities near cerritos, ca

One of our favorite parts about living in California, Catalina Island is the only coastal island retreat in the state. Consisting of a large nature conservancy and a walkable town of about 3,000, there’s still plenty to see, do, and eat at Catalina. Enjoy a day of hiking, scuba diving, or just relaxing with an escape from busy city life. Possibly the best part about Catalina is that when you’re ready to come home, you can skip the traffic jams and hop on a ferry off the island.

Getaway #2: Eureka

This quaint and quiet town on California’s northern coast features Victorian-style homes and beautiful scenery that will help you forget the zooming traffic and congestion back home. Perfect for anyone who’s a nature lover or a fan of Victorian architecture, there’s plenty of ways to unwind in and around Eureka. Stay active with fun watersports on the bay or take a stroll through Ferndale, which was used as the set for the fictional town of Lawson in the film The Majestic. Also, make sure you get a chance to travel through the redwood forests nearby.

Getaway #3: Mendocino

For the ultimate level of quiet relaxation, get lost in the breathtaking natural beauty of Mendocino County. You’ll experience dramatic cliffs that run right up to the brilliant waves of the Pacific Ocean. Escape from the monotony of everyday life with a pleasant walk on the beach or unwind at the Elk Cove Inn spa. The Skunk Train gives visitors a unique view of the area as it travels across the mountains from Fort Bragg to Willits. This destination is perfect for anyone that needs a little peace and quiet while diving into a good book accompanied by stunning natural scenery.

Getaway #4: Mono County

labor day activities near cerritos A visit to Mono County can prove to be a relaxing getaway that’s easy on your wallet. Just east of the Sierras, Mono offers visitors a plethora of outdoor activities from fishing to hiking to wildlife photography opportunities. If you’re a fan of history or just intrigued by the past, then be sure to visit Bodie, which is one of the most popular ghost towns in California. You can also plan a trip to see Bristlecone Pines, which features a unique forest of the oldest living trees in the world. Then unwind in the open-air hot springs for a relaxing soak like you’ve never experienced before.

You Guide to CicLAvia

Attention Downey, Long Beach, and all of the Los Angeles area: There’s going to be a lot of traffic on the streets of LA this August 9, but it’s not because of motorists. Instead, hundreds of people on bikes, skates, and foot will replace cars and trucks as they partake in CicLAvia, a large-scale community event designed to promote community engagement and healthy living. As your guide to CicLAvia, we’ll cover the history, tradition, and everything else you need to know about this one-of-a-kind event.

History of CicLAvia

More than 30 years ago, the people of Bogota, Colombia, joined together to participate in ciclovias, which were a response to polluted and congested city streets. Inspired by the strong community involvement and undeniable health benefits, other areas throughout Latin American and the United States began to adopt the practice of ciclovias. Today, events such as CicLAvia work to return the streets to the pedestrian and promote healthy transportation options.

How CicLAvia Works

With a concept that’s unique and different from anything else in California, it’s not surprising that some people are a little confused about how the whole thing works. Hopefully, this clears it up for you. First, CicLAvia is free; there’s no entrance charge or participation fee. Just show up and you’re in.

CicLAvia isn’t a race or a marathon. The route exists merely to show you what streets have been shut off from other traffic. You can join in at any part of the route and walk, run, bike, blade, or skate in any direction. You can even hang out in the same area, but then you’d be missing out on the fun in other parts of the route.

It’s also important to keep in mind that since it’s not a race, there’s no start or finish. You can, and people will, travel in either direction along the route.

This Year’s Event

CivLAviaOn Sunday, August 9 from 9 am to 4 pm, the CicLAvia route will span 6 miles from Culver City to Venice, marking its first time back to the Westside since 2013. As participants make their way along the route, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful neighborhoods of Culver City as well as its unique businesses and restaurants, not to mention the iconic scenes around Venice Beach.

Safety Tips

Respect all participants. Everyone is here to share and enjoy their street. Remember to pass on the left with slower traffic keeping to the right. However, you should maintain a safe speed since the event is expected to be crowded. If you’re under the age of 18 and are using anything other than your legs to get around, you must wear a helmet.

Anything with a motor, whether it be a scooter or an e-bike, is prohibited unless you’re required to use one for medical reasons. Finally, keep in mind that the event will end at 4 pm and all traffic will be reopened, so make sure that you have enough time to return to your starting point so you can avoid the traffic.

Diagnosing a Broken Car AC

Summer is here, and if there’s something Los Angeles, Downey, and Long Beach residents will appreciate, it’s a working car air conditioner. No one wants an impromptu sauna, especially if they’re on their way to work or have a million other stressful things to deal with that day.

To help you keep your cool by staying cool, here are some factors you can look at while trying to diagnose your car’s broken AC system:

No Air Flow or Inconsistent Air Flow

Your first step to diagnosing the problem is to rule out scenarios based on what the AC can and can’t do. As any good experimenter knows, playing with one variable at a time can tell you a lot, even if all you find out is that part of the system works fine.

The prime concern in determining just how bad off your AC system could be is to see if it still blows air. With your car running, turn the AC on full blast with only the center vents opened. Then open side vents to move the air around. Try changing to the feet setting and defrost settings, too.

If you can’t get air out of any of your vents:

  • Your electrical system may be bad. Try changing out the fuses. You may also have a faulty relay switch, which isn’t difficult to replace.
  • Your blower motor is broken and needs to be replaced.

If air is coming out of certain vents but not others:

  • Your dividers that separate the vents may have fallen out of place and are blocking airflow. These are called mode doors. Getting to them often requires taking your dash apart.

If air is flowing but weakly:

  • You could have a clog in the lines or your air filter is dirty. Check for a moldy or garbage-like smell. You can clean your interior air filter yourself (check your owner’s manual to find it), but you’ll likely need a mechanic to clear out any clogs deep inside the system.
  • Air that starts off strong and cold but then gets weaker and warm could mean an icing problem. Give your system time to defrost, but realize that icing usually means low coolant.

Only Warm Air Blows

If the air seems to be coming out of the right vents but it stays hot no matter what, you have a problem with the refrigerant cycle in your AC.

  • Check to see if your blower motor clicks on. You can actually hear it in some cars a second or so after the AC is turned on. If it doesn’t come on, you probably have an electrical problem.
  • Your compressor or your condenser may have issues. Wait for your engine to cool then open the hood and remove any debris from between the front grille of your car and the condenser, which is a series of coils right next to the radiator. Make sure your vehicle has enough coolant. If it does but the AC still won’t work, see a mechanic.
  • Your refrigerant may have leaked out. See a mechanic who can identify the leak and recharge your coolant lines.

You Get Cold Air, But You Hear Strange Noises or the System Acts Up

  • You may have an icing problem as indicated above.
  • You could have debris in your vent or stuck in your compressor motor.
  • You could have a blockage that only moves around when the air blows through.
  • Your electrical system could have shorts that come and go as the vehicle runs for a while. This is likely the problem if other systems, such as the radio, tend to go haywire on occasion.
  • Your compressor belt could be on its way out and needs replacement.

Even if you’re certain you’ve found the cause of the problem, unless it’s something like a blown fuse or a dirty filter, you likely won’t be able to address it on your own. Los Angeles, Downey, and Long Beach Ford owners should head to their nearest Ford dealership and have their car looked at. That way they can enjoy the sunny summer weather without praying for an ocean breeze to waft by every few seconds.

Visit Norm Reeves Ford Superstore’s service department page to book an appointment and quickly get your AC running again before your sanity reaches its boiling point.

Where to see Fireworks in Cerritos, CA

No Independence Day is complete without good food, live entertainment and, most importantly, fireworks. Cerritos and the surrounding areas provide numerous Fourth of July events that the whole family can enjoy. For fireworks and festivities, visit the following:

Let Freedom Ring Celebration

4th of july cerritos, caThe Cerritos town government hosts its Let Freedom Ring Celebration every Fourth of July at the Cerritos Civic Center, located on Bloomfield Avenue at 183rd Street. The event opens at 4 pm and features games, children’s activities, live entertainments, food, and rides. You can buy ride tickets for $1 each or pay $20 for an all-day ride pass; if you buy the pass before June 30, you’ll get a $5 discount. The fireworks will begin at 9 pm and will be launched from nearby Cerritos High School.

All-American 4th of July

Located just 18 miles outside Cerritos, the retired ocean liner RMS Queen Mary hosts the All-American 4th of July event to celebrate the United States throughout its history.

Each section of the ship is dedicated to a different decade of America’s past, allowing you to stroll through and see how the country has changed.

The event opens at 2 pm and features a buffet dinner, disco, laser tag, and a wide range of other entertainments from multiple time periods before ending with a fireworks display on the deck.

The ship is located at 1126 Queens Highway in Long Beach. Admission is $49 per adult and $29 per child, with a $5 discount if you buy your tickets online.

Sounds of Freedom

Beginning in 1904, Huntington Beach has held an annual Sounds of Freedom celebration to commemorate both American independence and the city’s first electric passenger train line.

This year’s event begins with a communal breakfast from 7 to 11 am. There’s 5K run from 7 am to noon, a parade from 10 am to noon, and live entertainment throughout the day. Over-the-ocean fireworks begin at 9 pm.

Huntington Beach is fewer than 20 miles from Cerritos. The event itself is free, but you must purchase a $5 ticket to take part in the breakfast, a $10 ticket for pier seating during the fireworks, and a $20 ticket for bleacher seating during the parade.

Hollywood Bowl Fireworks Spectacular

Located at 2301 Highland Avenue in Los Angeles, the Hollywood Bowl is fewer than 30 miles from Cerritos. Its annual Hollywood Bowl Fireworks Spectacular will be held on July 2, 3, and 4 beginning at 7:30 pm each night.

The event features performances by Steve Martin, Edie Brickell, John Morris Russell and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Steep Canyon Rangers, and the US Air Force Band of the Golden West. It then ends with a fireworks display. Tickets are $13 per person, and children under 12 receive a 50 percent discount.

Once you’ve found a Fourth of July destination, the next step is getting there. Arrive in style with the latest vehicles and quality automotive services from Norm Reeves Ford Superstore.

Best Places to Beat the Heat near Whittier, CA

Located over a dozen miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, Whittier, CA, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Its Southern California location means a constant stream of sunny weather throughout the year. However, this also means that a summer day in Whittier can be extremely hot. Fortunately, the Whittier area offers plenty of things for you to do to beat the heat. Here are the best places to stay cool near Whittier:

Starlight Whittier Village Cinemas

Regardless of where you are, the local movie theater is always one of the best places in the area to stay cool, especially since the summertime comes with one of the best stretches of movie releases each year. The Starlight Whittier Village Cinemas, which is right in the heart of Whittier, is no different.

Whittier Museum

The Whittier Museum always offers a unique historical experience. It provides outstanding exhibits, is free on weekends, and its AC will keep you cool.

King Richard’s Antique Center in Whittier

Wandering around this antique center will make you feel as though you’re taking a walk through history. While you’re browsing their wares, which include a vast array of antique, vintage, and collectible items, you’re certain to find something with a wondrous story attached to it. They also offer painting classes during the summer.

Oceanic Arts in Whittier

Oceanic Arts is filled with unique and authentic Polynesian arts. Although their works of art are great to look at, you don’t have to leave your experience at the door. You can also purchase many of the works of art that they have on display.

Buena Park Medieval Times

Dinner at Medieval Times is always a blast. Fortunately, their desire to give you an authentic medieval experience doesn’t include letting you suffer under the weight of the oppressive summer heat. The Buena Park Medieval Times features an indoor arena to keep you completely comfortable.

La Pescadora Restaurant and Sports Bar

This seafood grill, Mexican restaurant, and sports bar always has the AC blasting to keep you cool while you enjoy one of their wonderful meals and/or watch a great game.

Round 1 in Lakewood

staying out of the heat this summer in fullerton, caThe Round 1 bowling alley is another great place to beat the heat with a few rounds of bowling. This bowling alley features an assortment of events for the whole family.

Massage Envy Spa Whittier

What better way to relax (away from the summer heat) than a day at the spa? You can get the full spa treatment at the Massage Envy Spa, which is located right here in Whittier. Don’t let the summer heat get you down! Check out any of the spots on our list to stay cool and have fun. If you need a new car to get you to and from these locations, stop by Norm Reeves Ford Superstore and test drive one of our 2015 models.

How to Keep your Car from Overheating

how to keep your car from over heatingWhen your Ford starts to run hot, it’s difficult not to panic. You watch the temperature gauge rise above the normal range and hit dangerous levels, prompting you to pull your vehicle to the side of the road. As you lift the hood, steam immediately rises from the mechanics. Overheating can leave you stranded, cause damage to your engine, or even cause your vehicle to catch on fire.

Every year, hundreds of drivers in Los Angeles, Downey, and Long Beach quickly find themselves in an emergency because they’re unaware of the warning signs of a car running hot. Keeping yourself safe and ensuring that your car isn’t damaged is simple if you know how to keep your car from overheating.

Check Coolant Levels

The coolant in your radiator is the first line of defense against your Ford reaching dangerous temperature levels. Coolant works by circulating through the engine and radiator, keeping the mechanics from overheating.

If the coolant is old, the level is low, or there’s a leak in the system, your Ford may begin to overheat. You can prevent this problem by popping the hood and checking the coolant levels in your vehicle every three to four months.

Check Hoses

The hoses that transfer the coolant through your engine compartment may become hard, brittle, or develop leaks over time, which can cause your Ford to overheat. When you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, be sure to observe all of the hoses and assess their condition. If you notice they’re damaged, immediately bring your vehicle to your local mechanic so they can be replaced.

Check the Cooling Fan

Many Fords have a cooling fan that helps to keep the radiator from overheating. If the switch of this fan is damaged or the fan breaks, your vehicle may begin to overheat. The belt that makes the cooling fan work can break or slip off, which will result in the failure of the fan to cool the radiator. If you believe that your cooling fan has stopped working, have it checked out by a professional.

Watch the Temperature

Pay attention to the gauge on your dashboard that monitors the temperature of your vehicle. As soon as you notice that the needle rises above the normal temperature, pull over. Always let your car cool down before checking for a problem. Trying to open the lid to the radiator or handle hot engine parts could result in serious injuries.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to mitigate against an overheating issue in your Ford is to have the vehicle regularly serviced by a professional mechanic. Your local Ford service center will evaluate your vehicle, including the coolant system, and ensure that it’s in top running condition.

Ford owners in Los Angeles, Downey, and Long Beach trust Norm Reeves Ford Superstore to complete all of their vehicle maintenance needs. If your car is having an overheating issue or you would like your coolant system to be assessed by a professional mechanic, visit our service page and schedule your appointment today.

Top Tailgating Tips for Summer Games around Fullerton, CA

tailgating tips in fullerton, ca

Whether you plan to spend lazy summer days at the Fullerton Sports Complex or you want to catch a summer league game at the university, you can always enhance the experience with a tailgate party. This summer, stay cool and safe while enjoying awesome tailgates with these simple tips.


Nothing ruins a tailgate faster than bad food. Protect your guests by following basic food safety guidelines:

  1. Put the meat on the bottom. Cross-contamination from raw meat to other food products is the leading cause of foodborne illness. Keeping the meat on the bottom of your cooler keeps liquids from running out of the meat package and onto other food.
  2. Use a thermometer. All cold food must be kept at 40° or below for optimal safety. In addition, make sure you follow the recommended temperature guidelines for your cooked food.
  3. Always wipe and sanitize. Water is sometimes at a premium when you tailgate, so bring along a bottle of sanitizer to eliminate the spread of bacteria and germs.
  4. Slice and pre-pack toppings. It takes quite a bit of time to slice tomatoes and onions for your burgers, so avoid the hassle by cutting and packing them the night before.
  5. Make sliders instead of burgers. You don’t want to feel bloated after you eat huge burgers at your tailgate. Try serving small sliders so guests can control portion size and prevent overeating under the hot sun.


No tailgate is complete without plenty of drinks. This season try the following:

  1. Use separate coolers for drinks. If guests are constantly opening your food cooler for drinks, the ice will melt and the food will be at risk of spoiling. Use a dedicated and labelled cooler for drinks to avoid this issue.
  2. Freeze water bottles. Place several single-serve water bottles in your freezer before your tailgate. These bottles serve two purposes. First, they replace costly bags of ice as your primary method of keeping the coolers cold. Second, you can drink them when they start to thaw.
  3. Have the right ratio. It’s easy to focus on having enough beer and soda for your tailgate, but it’s more important that you have plenty of water on hand. As a rule of thumb, anticipate guests drinking one bottle of water every 45 minutes and plan accordingly.
  4. Keep away the bugs. A paper cupcake liner is the perfect cover for all of your drinks. Put one over the top, stick a straw through it, and you’ll never have to swat flies away from your cup again.

Clean Up

It’s important to leave your tailgate site as clean (or better) than it was when you arrived. Fortunately, clean up doesn’t have to be stressful.

  1. Use a plastic tote. Take a plastic tote and line it with a trash bag. It will serve as a trash can that’s hard to knock over and won’t get torn by accident.
  2. Cool your grill. If you use a charcoal grill, make sure you put the coals in a metal bucket when you’re done cooking. Never break down a grill until it’s cool when you touch it or it becomes a fire hazard.

This summer, enjoy sports the way they were meant to be watched: with tailgates, a few drinks, and good company. If you need a new vehicle to make the most of your tailgates, check out Norm Reeves Ford Superstore’s new inventory and schedule a test drive to try out your favorite vehicles.

LA’s Best Pool Parties for Summer 2015

Los Angeles experiences an almost infinite summer, but when the season officially kicks off, LA days and nights are filled with lavish pool parties. Hotels, lounges, clubs, and private properties host numerous parties. Music and cool water, cocktails and entertainment, and the opportunity to mingle with friends and make new acquaintances have never been more readily available. Here are a few of the best pool parties in LA for summer 2015. 


If you’re looking for a taste of Las Vegas in Los Angeles, Drai’s is the pool party to be at on the weekends. Drai’s originated in Las Vegas as an afterhours nightclub and branched out to Cali to share a piece of Spin City with Los Angeles. It came as no surprise when Drai’s was a big hit.

You’ll find Drai’s on top of the W Hotel in Hollywood with breathtaking views of Downtown LA. Accompanied by a DJ and two bars, Drai’s is the place to be in the prime summer season.

If you’d like bottle service, cabanas are available. Check their website for details.

While visiting, you may even get lucky and witness a celebrity appearance or surprise performance, so be sure to keep a look out!

Drai’s is located at 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Skybar at Modrian

At the Skybar, West Hollywood expect to see spectacular views of West LA. The Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel is located on the Sunset Strip of the city, where you’ll get a real taste of Los Angeles glamour.

There are two ways to get into the exclusive pool party: You must be a hotel guest or get on the guest list by calling the Skybar office. For more information on special events and bottle service prices, check their website.

8440 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

los angeles pool parties

Mr. C Yacht Club

Every Sunday during the summer, Mr. C Yacht Club is the place to be from noon to 5 pm. Enjoy many places to lounge and relax while listening to DJ Bobby French spin in the DJ booth.

Mr. C Yacht Club can be found in the Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills and can be accessed by being a guest at the hotel or on the guest list. For more details on cabana prices and bottle service, visit their website.

1224 Beverwill Drive, Los Angeles

Luxe Sunset Boulevard in Bel Air

best pool parties for summer 2015If you’re looking for more an old Hollywood feel, Luxe Sunset Boulevard in Bel Air is the place to visit. Unlike other pool parties in LA, you don’t have to be a hotel guest to get into the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Pool Party. Non-guests also have the privilege of renting a cabana or have access to the hotel spa.

The pool is surrounded by cabanas and helpful waitstaff who will take your order. To get the best recommendations about what to order, ask the experts. Visit the website to check out cabana price and admission fees.

11461 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Norm Reeves Ford wishes you a happy and safe summer while you’re enjoying the LA pool parties listed above. If buying or leasing a new car is on your list of things to do this summer, along with attending these eventful pool parties, visit us today or schedule a test drive online!


How to Hack your Ford F-150 this Summer

There are plenty of exciting ways to modify a Ford F-150 pickup truck. These projects can be a fun way to kick off your summer and customize a vehicle.

Increase Your Truck’s Horsepower and Torque

The 2015 Ford F-150 can already generate an impressive 375 lb-ft of torque, and its engine generates 325 horsepower. But if the F-150 still isn’t powerful enough for you, both the Superchips Flashpaq and the SCT X4 flash programmer can alter the vehicle’s electronics to instantly improve its performance.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

In addition to improving the engine’s power, custom engine tuning can improve a vehicle’s miles per gallon. SCT sells a fuel economizer that’s legal under California emissions standards, which reprograms the F-150’s engine so it receives two to three more miles per gallon.

Install an iPad

Some Ford owners with a strong DIY streak have chosen to install an iPad 2 or an iPad Mini into the dashboard of their F-150. The iPad provides the vehicle with in-car internet and can serve as the Ford’s GPS. It also allows the driver to perform tasks such as playing online radio or placing calls via FaceTime.

Enable Daytime Running Lights

With a little electrical know-how, a clever driver can install a kit that enables daytime running lights on the Ford F-150. The result runs the vehicle’s low beams at about 80 percent of the typical brightness, increasing the truck’s visibility.

Convert It into a Hybrid

An Illinois-based start-up called Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology manufactures a module that can convert a Ford F-150 into a plug-in hybrid vehicle that gets an impressive 41 miles per gallon as the truck maintains its charge. The module and its installation come with a hefty price tag, but if the Ford racks up mileage, the hack could pay for itself.

Take Advantage of OpenXC

f150Savvy vehicle modders and Ford aficionados may already know about OpenXC, an open-source platform that Ford’s R&D division developed with a company called Bug Labs. OpenXC gives Ford owners an impressive array of options to customize vehicles, with more options being developed constantly by intrepid Ford users. For example, OpenXC gives drivers access to a broad range of the vehicle’s sensor data, which allows them to intelligently customize their vehicle based on their own driving habits.

Install Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi

Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi is another add-on that gives drivers greater knowledge about their driving habits. The device is easy to install and works with any vehicle that came out after 1996. Using a Bluetooth connection or the Verizon network, it transmits data on driving habits and sensor readings, which drivers can access via the Vehicle Diagnostics app. They can also use the app to perform functions such as locking or unlocking the vehicle’s doors or remote starting the car. Norm Reeves Ford Superstore in Cerritos, CA, sells a broad range of the hottest 2015 Ford models. Their website makes it easy to schedule a test drive for the Ford F-150 or any other Ford vehicle.

Best Tire Sizes for Ford Models

At Norm Reeves Ford, we understand that not everything about your vehicle is simple. Here you’ll find the best tire size for every for model in the 2016 Ford lineup. Now drivers from across Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Downey can be confident when they’re picking out a new set of tires.

fusion charge Some specifications within trim levels won’t be listed unless they require a different tire size. For example, the Ford Expedition King Ranch comes in 2WD, 4WD, EL 2WD, and EL 4WD subsets that all use the same size tire. So the subsets are combined under the King Ranch heading.

However, in the case of the Expedition XL, there’s a difference in tire size for the 2WD Fleet and the 4WD Fleet, so both subsets are listed separately. Only vehicles that were available at the time of posting are included in our list.  

E-350 Tire Sizes

The E-Series combines work and recreation to create the ultimate truck. In this category with have three major trim levels to consider:

  • Stripped Chassis: LT225/75R16
  • Super Duty Cutaway DRW: LT225/75R16
  • Super Duty Cutaway SRW: LT245/75R16

E-450 Tire Sizes

The extension of the E-Series brings new features and new capabilities, including several optional prep packages. Here, we have just two trims to look at:

  • Stripped Chassis: LT225/75R16
  • Super Duty Cutaway: LT225/75R1

Escape Tire Sizes

tires for ford vehicles As a small SUV, the Ford Escape packs a lot of power in a small package. At the Titanium trim level, you have two tire sizes to choose from:

  • Titanium: 235/50R18 or 235/45R19

Expedition Tire Sizes

The Expedition is one of Ford’s most popular models, which is why you’ll find a large number of trims available. Here are the tire sizes you’ll need for each trim level:

  • King Ranch: 285/45R22 or 275/55R20
  • Limited: 285/45R22 or 275/55R20
  • Platinum: 285/45R22 or 275/55R20
  • XL 2WD Fleet: 265/70R17
  • XL 4WD Fleet: 265/70R17 or 275/55R20
  • XL EL: 265/70R17
  • XLT: 275/65R18 or 275/55R20

Explorer Tire Sizes

This full-size SUV has three trims that we’ll be considering, one of which you might not own since it’s reserved for police vehicles.

  • Base: P245/60R18
  • Utility Police Interceptor: 245/55R18
  • XLT: P245/60R18

Fusion Tire Sizes

fusion chargeDrivers of the Ford Fusion enjoy its superior style and exceptional elegance. However, that style and elegance means several different trim options which different tire size requirements.

    • Energi: 225/50R17
    • S FWD: 215/60R16
    • S FWD with Appearance Package: P235/45ZR18
    • S Hybrid: 225/50R17
    • SE AWD: P235/45ZR18
    • SE FWD: 235/45R18 or 235/50R17
    • SE FWD with Appearance/Terracotta Package: P235/45ZR18
    • SE Hybrid: 225/50R17
    • SE Luxury: 225/50R17
    • Titanium AWD/FWD: 235/40R19 or 235/45R18
    • Titanium with Terracotta Package: P235/45ZR18
    • Titanium Hybrid: 225/50R17

Fiesta Tire Sizes

  • With anywhere from 120 to 197 available horsepower, depending which engine is equipped, the Ford Fiesta requires special tires for just about every trim level.
    • S: 185/60R15
    • SE Hatch: 185/60R15
    • SE Hatch/Sedan with Black/Appearance Package: 195/50R16
    • SE Sedan: 185/60R15 or 195/50R16
    • ST: 205/40R17XL
    • Titanium: 195/50R16

Need Additional Help?

mustang tireIf you still need help finding the right size tires for your Ford, give us a call at Norm Reeves Ford. Our trained automotive technicians can help you find the right tires from among your favorite brands.

Norm Reeves Ford proudly serves the Long Beach, Downey, and Los Angeles area with premium automotive services. For more information about the best tire sizes for every Ford model, call us at 877-499-9952 or schedule your service appointment online today.