Pet Adoption Event at Cerritos Auto Square December 17th!

Dog Lovers, Listen Up! Norm Reeves Ford and Norm Reeves Hyundai are joining together with Coastal German Shepherd Rescue to find a forever family for more than a dozen dogs. And you can be part of the fun! Want more details? Keep reading to find out how you can help a beautiful German Shepherd find a home.

Adoption Event on Saturday, December 17th

From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Norm Reeves Ford at the Cerritos Auto Square, you can join in on the final Coastal German Shepherd Rescue adoption event of the year! This event will feature around 15 to 20 dogs who are in dire need of a forever home.

And it’s just in time for the holidays. Why not take a cute puppy-eyed brilliant new friend home for the holidays? At the event, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know and fall in love with your new best friend. The event will also feature Coastal merchandise you can purchase to support the organization even if you can’t take a pup home.



About the German Shepherd Breed

The German Shepherd breed is incredibly intelligent. They’ve been used as working dogs for many years and are often seen helping military service members, police and fire rescue, search and rescue, drug detection, and more. This kind of dog might be a great choice if you want a companion animal who’ll train well. It’s also a great option if you’re active and you’d like a nice, protective dog who’ll stay by your side for your morning run. These dogs can live on average 10-14 years, and usually weigh between 75 and 95 pounds when fully grown.


About Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of Southern California is a local non-profit that works to find loving homes to German Shepherds in the area. Most pups come to them after being abandoned by their previous owners, but many come from abusive or neglected homes.

This organization is a no-kill, all volunteer, non-profit organization. All money earned through sales and donations goes to supporting their mission—to “educate the public about German Shepherds, their lifespan, personality, [and] activity level, along with overall responsible dog ownership.” They fulfill that mission by providing education to the community, raising awareness of dog overpopulation, and spaying and neutering animals prior to finding them a forever home.

Thinking about Adopting?

If you’ve been thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, here are a few things you need to know about adopting from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of Southern California. The fee for adoption of adult dogs is $300, and the cost for a puppy is between $400 and $500.

This cost includes veterinary care, including spaying or neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations, as well as care before you take the pup into custody. This cost also includes the cost of taking care of dogs who are severely injured or critically ill.

If you’d like to learn more about the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, or the adoption event, check out their full website now. And be sure to stop by Norm Reeves Ford at the Cerritos Auto Square on Saturday, December 17th to meet some super cute friends!

Guide to the Queen Mary’s Chill Holiday Event Long Beach, CA

The Queen Mary has always been a premier holiday destination, especially for those in Long Beach, CA. And now there’s even more to love this holiday season with the return of the annual Queen Mary’s CHILL holiday event.

CHILL brings the magic of a winter wonderland to the Long Beach area for a holiday experience you and your family are sure to love. To learn more about this festive event, here’s your guide to CHILL at the Queen Mary.

A Winter Wonderland at the Queen Mary

kidsnowThe annual CHILL holiday extravaganza at the Queen Mary opens on November 23 and runs until January 8, 2017. Known as one of the most exciting holiday events in the area, it’s an ideal place to go if you and your family want to get into the holiday spirit.

During its run on the Queen Mary, CHILL will bring some iconic winter activities to the sunny shores of Long Beach, CA. You and your family will be able to skate around a 6,000-square-foot ice skating rink. Plus, you can slide down the 135-foot Glacier Glide Ice Tubing Luge.

Kids will be able to visit the North Pole Village as well where they can send a letter to Santa and hop on the Swingin’ Sleigh Ride. And if they’re want to see the big man in red in person, children are welcome to stop by and say hi to Santa and Mrs. Claus at Claus Cottage.

Best of all, you can make your holiday season even sweeter at the Gingerbread House. Here you’ll be able to make your own delicious treats that’ll be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Alice in Winterland: All New for 2016

In addition to the holiday fun, the Queen Mary CHILL holiday extravaganza will include a brand-new attraction for 2016: Alice in Winterland.

Alice in Winterland reimagines and brings to life the classic Lewis Carroll story with an interactive and magical experience. This new attraction will have you jumping down the rabbit hole with Alice as the vibrant presentation takes you through the Hall of Doors, the White Rabbit’s Kitchen, and the Mad Hatter’s Work Shop. And of course, you’ll be able to take part in the iconic Tea Party with Alice.

Tickets for Admission

Everyone is welcome to check out North Pole Village, Alice in Winterland, and everything CHILL at the Queen Mary has to offer this holiday season. Tickets are now available online and start at $39.99 for adults and $29.99 for children ages 4 to 11.

E.L.F. (Express Lane Fast) Passes are also available. They cost $15 and provide priority access to Alice in Winterland and Ice Tubing Lanes. On top of that, E.L.F. Passes give you free rides on the Swingin’ Sleigh Ride.

CHILL at the Queen Mary is slated to bring a bit of winter and tons of holiday cheer to the Long Beach, CA, area. So bring the family and come check it out for yourself starting on November 23.

For more information and updates, check out CHILL at Queen Mary’s official Facebook.

Best Cold Brew near Cerritos, CA

coldbrewcoffeeCold brew coffee – it’s the latest coffee craze to sweep the Cerritos, CA, area. Starbucks has it. Dunkin’ has it. But these coffee giants won’t provide you with something as bold and refreshing as some of the top local coffee shops and sellers in the area.

So if you’re looking for that perfectly bold and iced cup of coffee to kick start your day, here are some of the best cold brews you can get near Cerritos, CA.

The Aussie Bean

Coffee may be a common staple in the United States, but the Aussie Bean is here to show you how the Australians do coffee. This local coffee shop offers Australian-style coffees that feature a unique flavor you won’t get enough of. Plus, their cold brew is brewed for 12 to 16 hours to ensure you get the best full-bodied flavor with every cup.

Plus, the Aussie Bean features variety of authentic Australian foods and treats like meat pies for you to enjoy.

Check out the Aussie Bean on Facebook to learn more.

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Bar

The best cold brews are smooth, refreshing, and ice cold, and that’s exactly what the cold brew that Bodhi Leaf Coffee Bar is. They offer two types of cold brew: their traditional cold brew and their nitro cold brew. Both offer that rich coffee flavor you want, but their nitro cold brew is also infused with nitrogen to create a smoother and colder cup of coffee.

And if you want to make your own cold brews at home, you can pick up a bag or two Bodhi Leaf Coffee Bar’s coffees online or instore.

Connect with Bodhi Leaf Coffee Bar on Facebook for more details.

Rose Park Coffee Roasters

coffeemakerSure going to a coffee shop maybe convenient, but Rose Park Coffee Roasters believes that the best cups of coffees, including cold brews, are created at home. From espresso to decaf Columbian, they offer a variety of roasts that’ll be sure to create a great drink and satisfy even the most seasoned coffee snobs.

Plus, Rose Park Coffee Roasters offers an awesome subscription plan where you can have coffee delivered to your door every 7 to 42 days so you never run out of your favorite roasts.

For more information about their available coffees, check out Rose Park Coffee Roasters on Facebook.

Solid Coffee Roasters

When you’re in dire need of a good caffeine fix during a busy day, Solid Coffee Roasters is the place for you. This local coffee shop near Cerritos, CA, brews Brazilian beans for over 24 hours to create their smooth cold brews.

They even offer ready-to-drink cold brews in 12 oz. bottles for when you’re especially crunched on time. And if you need something a bit stronger, there’s also their concentrated cold brew coffees. Just add a bit of water and you’re good to go.

Check out Solid Coffee Roasters on Facebook to learn more about their on-the-go cold brews.

Van Dyke Coffee Roasters

Van Dyke Coffee Roasters understands that a fresh coffee is the key to a good cold brew. That’s why they never offer batch brewed coffee. And to ensure you get the best cold brew, Van Dyke Coffee Roasters a Yama Cold Brew Tower. This allows cold water to drip slowly through coffee grounds to create a richer and smoother drink.

To learn more, connect with Van Dyke Coffee Roasters on Facebook.

Looking for the best cold brew near Cerritos, CA? Don’t go to the big coffee giants. Get your cold brew from these local coffee shops and sellers instead for a cup that’s bold, flavorful, and refreshing.

Guide to the Long Beach CA Patchwork Show

artfestivalDo you ever feel like you want to immerse yourself in all things local and all things crafty? If so, you’ll want to check out the Long Beach Patchwork Show. Presented by Dear Handmade Life, this extravagant festival is pretty much heaven for art lovers, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts.

Check out this guide to learn more about the Long Beach Patchwork Show and everything it offers.

Long Beach Patchwork Show: When and Where

The Long Beach Patchwork Show is a biannual event that happens every fall and spring. The fall installment will take place from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday, November 13 at the Marine Stadium in Long Beach, CA. It will feature tons of vendors showcasing their best handcrafted items and artwork.

And the best part? The Long Beach Patchwork Show is free!

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Best Fall Farmers’ Markets Near Newport Beach, CA

Downtown Anaheim is filled with hidden gems. But even with all of the restaurants and attractions around, its farmers’ markets are by far some of the best things the area has to offer.

The Downtown Anaheim area is home to three farmers’ markets. To help you see what each has to offer, here’s our guide to the Downtown Anaheim farmers’ markets.

Downtown Anaheim Farmers’ Market

When: Thursdays from 11 am to 4 pm
Where: Center Street Promenade

veganEvery Thursday, the Downtown Anaheim Farmers’ Market sets up shop at the Center Street Promenade. Known for their impressive selection of local produce and handcrafted goods, it’s easy to see why this farmers’ market is considered to be one of the best in the area.

Each Thursday afternoon, the community is welcome to stop by and shop for a variety of fresh ingredients. They offer local produce from top growers such as Ha’s Apple Farm, Cha Her Farm, and Gamboa Berries.

The Downtown Anaheim Farmers’ Market also offers delicious local eats from the area’s best eateries. So if you’re craving some popcorn from Kettle Corn King or something decadent Lucky 13 Sweets, you’re sure to find it here.

Best of all, the Downtown Anaheim Farmers’ Market features live entertainment performances every Thursday as well as a variety of craft vendors for you to enjoy.

To learn more, connect with the Downtown Anaheim Farmers’ Market on Facebook.

Farmers Park Market

When: Fridays from 5 to 9 pm
Where: Next to the historic Anaheim Packing House

Farmers Park Market is adding a bit or urban flair to your farmers’ market shopping experience. Every Friday night, you can stop by this premier market to indulge in some of the area’s best foods.

Farmers Park Market features a variety of local food vendors serving up delicious gourmet artisan foods. Just a few vendors you’ll find at this farmers’ market are Syd’s Tummy Stuff, Zen Tea, and Poisoned Apples. You’ll also find fresh produce from certified local growers as well.

However, what makes Farmers Park Market truly unique is its goods. Here you’ll find a variety of natural and handcrafted goods as well as stylish threads from fashion trucks like Waves of Attire and Popsikle Shop.

Best of all, Farmers Park Market offer outdoor donation-based yoga session from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

Check out everything this farmers’ market has to offer and visit Farmers Park Market on Facebook now.

West Anaheim Farmers’ Market

When: Wednesdays from 4 to 8 pm
Where: Twila Reid Park

If you’re looking for a place with great entertainment, delicious local foods, and a huge selection of fruits, veggies, and much more, then the West Anaheim Farmers’ Market is for you.

Every Wednesday night, the West Anaheim Farmers’ Market takes over Twila Reid Park and showcases the best the Anaheim area has to offer. Certified growers like Gerwig and Black Sheep Farms offer fresh produce, while Croomdogs and other food vendors whip up delicious treats and snacks for you to enjoy.

Plus this farmer’s market even helps you to treat yourself with luxurious items such as beauty products from Avon and unique jewelry from Eternity Handmade Jewelry by Amo.

And for your kids, the West Anaheim Farmers’ Market features $2 trackless train rides by The Mini Express.

Check out West Anaheim Farmers’ Market on Facebook for more details!

With great food, fresh ingredients, live entertainment, and much more, it’s hard to pick just one as the best farmers’ market in Downtown Anaheim. That’s why we recommend them all!

So if you’re looking to experience one of the area’s best attractions, be sure to head out to any one of the Downtown Anaheim farmers’ markets listed above.

2017 Ford Explorer Family Vehicle

2017-ford-explorerThe 2017 Ford Explorer at Norm Reeves Ford Superstore has all the makings of the perfect family SUV for everyone in Cerritos, Anaheim, and Long Beach, but so do many other vehicles on the market. So why should you choose the 2017 Ford Explorer as your next family SUV? Let us show you:

It Has Enough Space for the Family

The Ford Explorer has always been a sizeable SUV with the interior space your family needs for road trips and other long excursions, and its 2017 model is no different. This year’s Explorer has 151.5 cubic feet of passenger space and three rows of seating. Overall, there’s enough room to fit seven people inside.

Plus all seven passengers can sit comfortably thanks to the Explorer’s ample legroom in all three rows. Those in the front seats will have 42.9 inches of legroom. Passengers in the middle row of seats will have 39.5 inches, and those in the back seats will have 33.3 inches.

It Features a Roomy Cargo Area

The passenger area isn’t the only thing that’s spacious in the 2017 Ford Explorer. There’s also more than enough room in the cargo area to fit luggage, shopping bags, sporting equipment, and everything else you and your family need for the road ahead.

Behind the third row of seats, there’s 21 cubic feet of cargo space. Behind the middle seats, you’ll be able to use up to 43.9 cubic feet of cargo space. And behind the first row of seats, there’s a maximum of 81.7 cubic feet of cargo room.

It’s Capable and Efficient

In terms of performance, the 2017 Ford Explorer can just about do it all. It offers three powerful engine options as well as an optional towing package to help it achieve a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

The Explorer is also capable enough to take on various types of terrain thanks to its available Intelligent 4WD with Terrain Management System™. This lets you select four modes that adjust the SUV’s performance so it can trek through sand, snow, mud, grass, and other terrain with ease.

Best of all, the 2017 Explorer can give you amazing towing and all-weather capabilities without sacrificing fuel economy. This SUV gets up to an EPA-estimated 27 mpg highway.

It Has a Ton of Features and Tech Options

2017-ford-explorer-technologyFor your comfort and convenience, the 2017 Ford Explorer offers the following features and technologies.

  • Dual-zone automatic temperature control
  • Heated and cooled front seats
  • Heated second row seat
  • Hands-free foot-activated liftgate
  • Power-adjustable seats with lumbar support

On top of that, the Explorer features the available SYNC® 3 infotainment system. This comes with an optional navigation system as well as a series of mobile apps to help you get to where you need to go, listen to the music, and much more so everyone on board is content and entertained, especially during long car rides.

It’s a Dependable and Safe SUV

Most importantly, the 2017 Ford Explorer keeps your family well-protected from the unexpected. Its sturdy frame and durable body keeps your family safe and has helped the SUV earn a 5-Star Overall Crash Safety Rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

On top of that, these available driver-assist technologies can help you to avoid an accident to better ensure your peace of mind:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot Information System®
  • Cross-traffic Alert
  • Lane-Keeping System

Choose the 2017 Ford Explorer for Your Family

With ample interior space, dependable safety, impressive capabilities, and more than enough features and technologies, the 2017 Ford Explorer is the perfect family car.

So choose the 2017 Ford Explorer as your next family SUV. It’s now available at Norm Reeves Ford Superstore. Schedule your test drive today!

Ultimate Staycation in Long Beach, CA

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy some much-needed rest. Why? Because there’s no better way to spend some time off from work than right here in Long Beach, CA.

And to help you make the most of everything this lovely city has to offer, check out our guide to the ultimate staycation in Long Beach, CA, below!

The Breakfast Bar

Brunch FoodStart your much-deserved staycation on the right foot when you head over to The Breakfast Bar in Long Beach, CA. Owned and operated by Josh and Pamela Beadel since 2002, this establishment has everything you need to get ready for a relaxing day.

Here you’ll find a ton of homemade items to indulge in, such as their Uncle Marcee’s Omelet Casserole. This dish has been passed down from generation to generation and now has become one of the most popular brunch items on the menu.

And if you’re really looking to treat yourself during your staycation, the Breakfast Bar offers cocktails, like three varieties of Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Peach Bellinis. Plus they also feature their Breakfast Margarita, which includes tequila, triple sec, agave, lime juice, and blood orange marmalade.

Downtown Long Beach

Once you’ve had a great breakfast, head over to Downtown Long Beach with some friends for a fun-filled day around town. Downtown Long Beach offers a ton of things to do. For example, you can take a walk around the area and relax at Harvey Milk Park or any other park along the walking trail. You can also bike through the downtown area.

And if you want to step up your experience in Downtown Long Beach, stop by any of their many shops, restaurants, and microbreweries. Downtown Long Beach also hosts a ton of events throughout the year for you to enjoy.

Ja Yoga

yoga stretchIf you’re looking for a more relaxing way to spend your staycation in Long Beach, then check out Ja Yoga. This is a unique yoga studio that helps to promote rest, relaxation, and a healthy well-being for both the mind and soul.

Ja Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes for participants of all skill levels. Their Gentle class caters to beginners and focuses on slow, therapeutic poses. Their Basic and Flow classes develop the skills learned in the Gentle sessions and help you to achieve deeper stretching and more strengthening in each pose.

Parkers’ Lighthouse

And finally, end your perfect staycation experience at Parkers’ Lighthouse. Known for its elegance, fresh food, and exceptional dining experience, this restaurant is a great way to cap off your day.

They offer an extensive menu with foods created from natural ingredients and the freshest seafood imaginable. Some of their dishes include Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon, Herb Roasted Pacific Halibut, and Surf and Turf. Parkers’ Lighthouse also features a variety of the freshest sushi and sashimi platters.

A staycation in Long Beach can be just as enjoyable as a vacation anywhere else when you follow the guide above, so check out each place listed to experience your perfect staycation in Long Beach!

Best Burgers in Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach is home to a ton of restaurants to fulfill your every craving, but where should you go if you feel like digging into a burger? To help you find out, check out our list of the best burger joints in Huntington Beach, CA.

25 Degrees Huntington Beach

burgerandshakeNamed after the temperature difference of a raw and well-done burger, 25 Degrees Huntington Beach definitely knows how to cook up a good meal. Known for their sophisticated twist on the well-loved American burger bar, this top-rated restaurant offers a variety of menu options for you to enjoy.

Their four specialty burgers deliver a number of unique flavors. For example, their Number One burger features caramelized onions, crescenza, prelibato gorgonzola, bacon, arugula, and thousand island dressing.

25 Degrees Huntington Beach also offers a Craft Your Own menu so you can create your perfect burger with all of the toppings, sauces, and cheeses your heart desires.

Plus nothing goes better with a good burger than great fries and a drink. At 25 Degrees Huntington Beach, you’ll find a number of sides, including garlic fries, as well as a diverse menu of drinks and cocktails.

To learn more, check out 25 Degrees Huntington Beach on Facebook.

Slater’s 50/50

Slater’s 50/50 takes your burger experience to a whole new level. Inspired by his love for burgers, beer, and bacon, Scott Slater opened up this burger joint in 2009 and is whipping up some of the best and most unique burgers in Huntington Beach.

The burgers at Slater’s 50/50 are made with 50% ground meat and 50% bacon, which makes it perfect for bacon lovers everywhere. They offer a variety of unique burger selections, like their B’ B’ B’ Bacon burger, which features the 50/50 patty and is piled high with bacon, American cheese, bacon island dressing, and thick-cut bacon.

And of course, Slater’s 50/50 offers a menu of rotating craft beers to pair with your meal because they know there’s no better way to enjoy a good burger than with a cold beer.

For more information, connect with Slater’s 50/50 on Facebook.

TK Burgers

burgerandfriesFor more than 25 years, TK Burgers has provided the community with fresh food, fun times, and an unforgettable dining experience.

Here, you’ll find a number of great burger options, including their famous TK Cheeseburger. This has been charbroiled to perfection and is topped with fixings like pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and American cheese. Plus this burger comes with their special sauce and spices for a flavor you won’t taste anywhere else.

On top of that, TK Burgers is known for their authentic backyard barbeque atmosphere. So when you enjoy your burgers, it doesn’t feel like you’re eating at a stuffy old restaurant; you feel like you’re right at home.

For the best burgers in the area, there’s no better place to go than these top burger joints in Huntington Beach, CA. So check them out today!

Frozen Treats Near Huntington Beach, CA

Frozen treats are the best way to combat hot summer days in Huntington Beach, CA. But not all frozen treats are made equal. If you want to keep cool and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time, don’t just grab a box of popsicles from the supermarket. Instead, indulge in something from any of the best places to grab a frozen treat near Huntington Beach, CA, listed below.

IceCreamShop2Golden Spoon

Golden Spoon has been offering great-tasting frozen yogurt to the people of Huntington Beach, CA, for more than 30 years. They’re known for their diverse selection of flavors. They offer everything from Guava Pear Tart to Devil’s Food Cake to Fresh Blueberry frozen yogurt, so no matter what flavor you’re craving, Golden Spoon is sure to have it.

Best of all, their flavors are made with high-quality, natural ingredients like California milk and real fruit. By taking a health-conscious approach to their frozen yogurt, they’re able to provide a delicious and healthier dessert that everyone is sure to enjoy.

To learn more, check out Golden Spoon on Facebook!

The Ice Cream Way

When you’re looking for a delicious frozen treat near Huntington Beach, stop by The Ice Cream Way. This unique ice cream parlor blends everything you love about ice cream and science to create an experience like no other. You create your own ice cream, and they’ll freeze it right in front of you.

First you pick a base like premium cream, coconut milk, or yogurt. Then you select one of their many flavors, such as chocolate, cotton candy, or lychee. Next you can add in toppings like mocha, fresh fruit, or candy. Finally, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze your creation in just 60 seconds.

The final result is a smooth, creamy dessert that’s sure to cool you off and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Connect with The Ice Cream Way on Facebook to learn more about how they create their delicious frozen treats.

Snow Monster

For a frozen treat that’s truly unique, check out Snow Monster. Here you’ll find a variety of quirky desserts that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool on those warm summer days.

They offer great ice cream menu items like their Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and Sundaes as well as their Shaved Snow. You’ll also find jar drinks like Matcha Milk Lattes, Strawberry Lemonade, and Jasmine Milk Tea. On top of that, Snow Monster was the first to offer made-to-order and customizable macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Best of all, this establishment features more than an extensive menu of great desserts. With Jenga sets, cards, and much more, it’s a great place to hang out and have fun with friends.

To learn more about their various unique frozen treats, connect with Snow Monster on Facebook!

This summer, don’t settle for anything less than the best frozen treats near Huntington Beach, CA. Head to any of the establishments listed above to indulge in a cool dessert that’ll help you combat the heat and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Guide to Vegan Faire 2016

veganSummer’s here, and if you’re looking to get healthy for the new season, now’s the perfect time! Why? Because the Vegan Faire is back for 2016! With great food, attractions, and much more, there’s something for everyone to love.

To learn more about Vegan Faire 2016, check out the guide below.

3rd Annual Vegan Faire

On July 30, the 3rd Annual Vegan Faire will hit the Center Street Promenade in Downtown Anaheim from 4 to 9 pm. Presented by the award-winning restaurant Healthy Junk, this year’s Vegan Faire will have everything you need to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. The faire will include booths and workshops focusing on wellness, fitness, and much more.

Healthy Junk will also be whipping up some healthy foods that are just as tasty as the indulgent meals you love. Known for their vegan, gluten-free twists on your favorite comfort foods, they’ll be offering a variety of menu items for you to enjoy. There will be vegan food trucks as well.

The Yoga Mat will offer free yoga sessions as well as henna throughout the Vegan Faire at the Center Street Promenade in Downtown Anaheim. Below is the schedule of classes.

  • 4 to 4:45 pm: Meditation & Sound Healing with Alec and Denise
  • 5 to 6 pm: Fundamentals of Arm Balances with Amanda
  • 6:15 to 7:15 pm: Mindful Yoga Flow with Kelly
  • 8:30 to 9:30 pm: Restoratives with Laura

Henna will be offered in the studio from 4 to 8 pm.

Vegan Faire Beer and Wine Garden

Just because the Vegan Faire is all about promoting health and wellness doesn’t mean you can’t indulge. This year’s event will feature a beer and wine garden from 4 to 8:30 pm. The garden will have tastings from local craft breweries. And if you’re not much of a beer drinker, there will also be vegan and organic wines available.

Best of all, proceeds from the beer and wine garden will benefit the Eli Home of Anaheim, a charitable organization committed to stopping child abuse in Southern California.

You must be 21 years of age or older to participate in tastings. Tickets for the Vegan Faire beer and wine garden are available online and will cost between $20 to $40 depending on which you choose.

Check Out Vegan Faire 2016!

Vegan Faire 2016 will take place on Saturday, July 30 at the Center Street Promenade in Anaheim, CA. It’ll provide everything from food to helpful workshops and activities to promote happy and healthy lifestyles for all. And best of all, admission is free! So start making your plans to check out Vegan Faire 2016 today.

For more information and updates, connect with the Vegan Faire on Facebook and check out the official event page now.